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Renting a House privately - any tips, suggestions etc?

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champs Sun 07-Jun-09 03:44:48

Had a search but couldnt find exact thread I needed.

I am tired and fed up of being overcrowded, we are looking into private renting, DH doesn't think it's secure and the prices put him off, he feels that for all the money we'd pay a month and then move on when LL wanted us out, it could have gone towards owning. I am PT at the moment 3 kiddies 5 and under plus one 11 so we need minimum of 3 beds, 4 would be nice. There's very few of these houses less than 1200 a month.

I'd really love some tips etc also any stories/experiences of renting a house.

I am grateful to have a home but honestly we are cramped and the boys are growing LOL


lilysmummy2007 Sun 07-Jun-09 05:24:53

1200 quid!! thats murder, have you tried a housing association, cheaper rent, similar to council in their tenancy and they maintain the building and do the decorating etc. ive worked as an estate agent for over 6 years and its always hard squeezing a family into a house, and 12 months down the line LL decides to raise the rent or sell then you are left stranded, without stability that children need. have you approached the council??

Clockface Sun 07-Jun-09 05:38:52

ATM it's a tenant's market - certainly round here the rental market is saturated with people either not being able to sell their homes or choosing not to - so you're in a v. strong position to bargain.

If I were you I'd let prospective landlords know that you're a fmaily (seen as a better bet than group of friends) and looking to rent long term (again, better) and you will probably be seen as very desirable tenants. Round here there are a lot of ex-authority houses that are up for rent so the rents on those may be cheaper.

Good luck! smile

lostinthecitylover Mon 08-Jun-09 18:30:19

my rent is similar it is crippling. I am on the housing list but in band 4 (lowest priority) as we are deemed to be adequately housed. I have been privately renting since splitting with exh no chance of getting a mortgage again ever.

In our local authority area Im afraid they also recommend allocation of housing association as well.

Not sure if it will be the same in your area.

I would have peace of mind if only I could be living in a permanent home with a lower rent. I work full time and am struggling.

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