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under floor heating

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Rhumba Wed 03-Jun-09 15:10:47

Knocking kitchen and playroom into one large room to have large dinning kitchen. am looking at flooring and have always liked tiles. the kitchen area is going to be quite tight also so don't want to loosse the space with a radiator so was thinking about underfloor heating. How does it work ie is it better to have separate sytem or can it be joined into cental heating/hot water system. How much approx is it to fit? (hubby says we can't afford it with out knowing the cost :-(

bodiddly Wed 03-Jun-09 15:35:17

you can either go for a wet system where pipes are laid under the floor - this works on a central heating system (or with its own thermostat) or an electric pad/mat system. If you go on to screwfix web site you can look at the mat system and it is relatively inexpensive!

SamVimesIsMyHero Wed 03-Jun-09 18:01:55

Does anyone know if one system is better than another - water pipe ones or electric?

KB71 Wed 03-Jun-09 18:15:42

I have been told that water pipes is more economical to run, but in terms of which is more effective I don't know. I have electric under floor heating in my bathroom and kitchen. My only recommendation would be to get a radiator too, especially if it is a large room because in the depths of winter we don't find the electric under floor heating is enough to heat the room. Screwfix do a great tall slimline white radiator that takes up very little space and isn't very deep. Maybe that could work.

ThePhantomPlopper Wed 03-Jun-09 21:52:45

I have the wet system throughout my house, It's much cheaper to run than electric, but it's expensive to fit.

It's off ATM but it warms the house up quickly when it's on, each room has an individual thermostat too.

Rhumba Thu 04-Jun-09 08:48:04

thanks for all this, any idea re cost anyone it's for one large room only.

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