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Disposal of asbestos (?) tiles

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LIZS Wed 03-Jun-09 12:15:21

Our house was built on a plot previosuly used as a builder's yard. At the bottom of our garden, among the debris, are a number of sheets/tiles similar to the sort we used in labs at school for standing bunsen burners on. Are these asbestos and how should they be disposed of ?

loulou33 Wed 03-Jun-09 14:05:40

We found what we thought were, large asbestos sheets at the bottom of our garden. IIRC, as long as you don't break them up (as this releases the dust that's dangerous), you can take to your local council tip and put in special asbestos 'bin'. We did phone the council beforehand to check they would take it and where we had to take it to though so i wouldn't jsut turn up with it. Some councils may insist on you using specialist firms/disposal which are very expensive. My dh put the sheets in trailer and wore a mask, gloves and disposable overalls. When he got to tip, the guy slung it into the back of the special bin with bare hands and no mask!! I would assume its asbestos unless i know for certain it isn't iyswim.

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