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blackout eyelet curtains letting in light - help!

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halen Wed 03-Jun-09 07:28:34

Hi - we've just bought some new blackout curtains...... unfortunately did not realise that the eyelet design would let in light...

We also have some 7 year old blackout blinds underneath - they were letting in light at the top and sides (which is why we bought the curtains!)

The light is not helping me sleep.... and wondered if anyone had any ideas...

I have heard of those blinds that can be velcroed or stuck on - but if there is any other solution that looks more decorative then that would be better.

Should we invest in some blinds that go on the outside of the window frame (currently have a roller that fits in side, 1cm gap between start of blind and window frame).

Just a bit annoyed as new curtains cost and I wish I had realised that eyelets would let in the light.

jeanjeannie Wed 03-Jun-09 07:53:27

We've given up on blinds and gone for the swift/cheap make-do-and-mend option!

I bought some blackout material (v cheap!) cut it bigger than the window. Then covered it with kiddie fabric from IKEA - popped some velro on the corners and put it onto some velcro on the wall. Looks great, easy to do and not a crack of light! Just whip it on and off when you need to.

Fizzylemonade Wed 03-Jun-09 11:44:28

Great idea by jeanjeannie! Did you use adhesive velcro on the wall? We have used adhesive velcro to hold on the filler panel underneath the oven but put a small screw through it to secure it in place.

The curtains that let in the least amount of light are pencil pleat on a traditional track. Anything on a pole will let light in because there is a gap between the pole and the wall.

A pelmet would help. We have blackout roller blinds inside the window frame and I blu tack them to the glass to help but it never makes it completely black out. We also use black out backed curtains.

jeanjeannie Wed 03-Jun-09 12:39:57

Yep, adhesive velcro has done the job. Plus, as the entire screen isn't very heavy the velcro is holding up fine and not peeling off!

halen Wed 03-Jun-09 14:19:26

That's a great idea jeanjeannie... baby due in a few months, so if the light coming through is a problem then I will try that!

I wish I had known about pencil pleat and traditional track before ordering these!!

Pelmet sounds good. Can we put one up with an eyelet curtain hung on a pole?

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