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Damp proof course companies? Anyone got any recommendations (am in London)?

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spicemonster Mon 01-Jun-09 21:20:18

The time has come for me to gird my loins and accept the fact that the damp proof course at the front of the house needs replacing which is a major pita as it means the kitchen will have to be pulled out but needs must.

I have had one company round for quotes but need more (have shared freehold).

Also, anyone got any opinions/recommendations on types of damp proof course? There seem to be lots of different methods.

Thanks in advance

KB71 Tue 02-Jun-09 17:18:26

Hi There,

I used Dampcure Woodcure and they were very good. There phone number is 01923 663322. They work all over London. My only advice would be if you need to strip off old plaster then get competitive quotes from builders because I found them very expensive for that. So I got my builder to do that bit and then Dampcure Woodcure just did the damp proof course.

Good luck.

spicemonster Tue 02-Jun-09 20:53:06

Thanks very much for that - and for the tip re plastering! I will have to have 1/2 the kitchen pulled out so it is definitely worth getting my builder to do that bit first rather than paying through the nose for the damp proof people

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