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Post redirection but going into temp accom?

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Kopparbergkate Sun 31-May-09 08:25:36

We move out of our current home in 3 weeks but don't move into new house until august. We're moving temporarily into a hotel in the interim (thankfully we're not paying!) and I was wondering what the hell to do about post redirection????

I don't really want to do a redirection to the hotel because (a) I'm concerned post arriving addressed to us at a hotel will get lost and (b) I'm not sure the post office will cope with redirection to a hotel for 6 weeks followed by redirection elsewhere thereafter.

Also any ideas what to do about dvla, car insurance etc. I know it's wrong to leave everything registered at old address when we've moved out but I can't move everything to new address till august cus we won't be there either?


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