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Walthamstow- Coppermill lane area - What do we think? (and will it ever flood!?)

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Thandeka Sat 16-May-09 15:52:22

We really like south Walthamstow and have found a house there we really like in the coppermill lane area. In fact we think even if its not that house we would quite like to live in that area- the thing that is scaring us somewhat is the reservoir and flood risk (what with global warming whatnot etc).

So any knowledge or experience of the area? Any feedback appreciated!

goldenpeach Thu 21-May-09 21:29:34

We lived in Walthamstow. My DP reckons there are flood defences there, check on the environment agency's site,

Cop y and paste this in your browser, there are some flood defences there by the look of it.

Prices in Walthamstow have crashed, you might be able to afford buying in the village. I used to live off Queens road in very pretty steet - not far from village.

Thandeka Fri 22-May-09 18:06:29

Thanks for that. Have they crashed- am not sure as I looked in 2005/2006 and average price for a 2/3 bed terrace was 200k and now it all seems 240k but then people are accepting very cheeky offers apparently.

goldenpeach Sat 06-Jun-09 16:53:54

Sorry, haven't been online for ages. Yes they have, you need to go on We know that houses priced at 300k are now 250 and in more than one case even 200 or lower if they are small terraces.

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