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Curtain rail for box bay window

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GreatGooglyMoogly Thu 23-Apr-09 11:28:29

We can't seem to find a curtain rail for our master bedroom box bay window. We bought a plastic bendy one from Homebase but the curtain hooks won't slide around the corners as they are too tight iyswim. Anyone had this problem? We may end up with blinds if we can't find a rail, though I'd rather have curtains. TIA.

Bonneville Thu 23-Apr-09 14:53:58

We have windows like this but now have blinds. However when we had curtains we used four curtains, two at the front part of the window and one each at the sides. When pulled, the front ones went only to the sides and the side ones back towards the room IYSWIM. We had the same problem with the hooks. It worked ok but not being able to pull the front curtains right back made the room seem dark - hence the blinds now.

sinclair Thu 23-Apr-09 15:20:12

is it a 90 degree bend? Many curtain tracks that advertise suitable for bays assume you are bending to fit a wider bay IYSWIM. You can find track that will run round but you will need to curve it rather than bend it into the corner, may need to be ceiling mounted which is more complicated.

Roman blinds are a popular solution to this problem!

Sorrento Thu 23-Apr-09 19:06:26

It's hell, we ended up with blinds but look like we're in hospital

GreatGooglyMoogly Fri 24-Apr-09 09:42:17

Yes, the window is a 90 degree bend though we are obviously not trying to get the curtain track to fit hard into the corner grin. We can't do ceiling-mounted curtain track as the ceiling above the window slopes sad. Bizarrely our larger living room box bay window does have a curtain rail (left by the previous owners) that works - maybe because the curtain hooks hook over the whole track and the ceiling above is flat hmm.

fishie Fri 24-Apr-09 09:44:35

get john lewis or a local curtain shop to come and fit a nice solid one. i hate those plastic bendy rails, they never quite fit.

jennylindinha Fri 24-Apr-09 09:57:13

I think if you search online you can find places that will make poles to fit box bays and they aren't too expensive. My sister had the same problem with windows and ordered poles that are attached to the ceiling of the bay rather than the wall because of the lack of space. They look great! Can't remember the name of the company though, sorry...

Tinker Sat 25-Apr-09 13:29:50

This place - Terry's Fabrics - does poles for bay windows

bodiddly Sat 25-Apr-09 13:34:42

it all depends if you want to spend the money really but fishie ir right you are far better off getting a curtain company in to fit a metal track which they will bend to fit the curves of your bay. We do them all the time at work but they aren't cheap!

jalopy Sat 25-Apr-09 20:44:00

John Lewis have metal poles that have bendy connections like these to cope with the angle of the window. Lordy, it looks obscene.

We have used them in our box bay window and it works well.

The staff in the curtain dept can advise you what bits you need.

Karpol Thu 09-Jan-14 13:11:15

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crestfitters Tue 25-Mar-14 19:19:45

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MillyMollyMama Tue 25-Mar-14 19:48:46

Try Silent Gliss Metropole.

ixos Tue 25-Mar-14 22:06:49

We had a metal pole fitted with a pulley that opens and closes the curtains. They glide round the bend. Was about £200 though, but means we can actually open our curtains.

oscarwilde Wed 26-Mar-14 12:39:01

We had the John Lewis bendy ones. They were a disaster, the weight of the curtains kept dragging the bendy section down and then the curtain rings would get stuck, etc etc. Cost a fortune too. Measure up for a bespoke rail would be my advice if you want curtains.

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