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Does anyone know what Winnersh is like?

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Rachel61 Mon 20-Apr-09 14:11:54

I am moving to the Wokingham area and have seen a place called Winnersh. Good house prices (compared to Woose Hill), good primary and an excellent secondary. All sounds too good to be true! Any advice, local knowledge would be really appreciated. Thanks.

subtlemouse Mon 20-Apr-09 14:22:14

Winnersh seems to me to be a ribbon development along the main road from Reading to Wokingham, with a business park. Not sure there is anything else to it.

Rachel61 Tue 21-Apr-09 12:12:56

Do you know anything about Wokingham then? Any good?

subtlemouse Tue 21-Apr-09 15:53:26

Wokingham is the holy grail for schools (that is, if you live in Reading and can't get into them...)

It is a bit twee in places. The town centre has Waitrose and a good children's bookshop. (There are other things, but I've never shopped there!) It has a good park, does nice 'fun days'. There is a decent swimming pool etc.

Unfortunately, as far as I am concerned it is beyond the pale because the residents in their wisdom regularly elect John Redwood as their MP and I am old enough to know he is an Evil Martian... grin

Rachel61 Tue 21-Apr-09 19:48:18

Fair point. However, if schools are good, house prices not too hideous combined with some good facilities, may be worth a look. I'll delve further. Thanks so much.

Docbunches Wed 22-Apr-09 09:53:17

I would say Winnersh is definitely worth a look. I live in neighbouring Earley and it's a great area to live in for schools, facilities, motorway and rail connections, etc.

Whilst Winnersh may possibly not be the most attractive of suburbs, it does have a lovely country park called Dinton Pastures, which is especially good for younger children.

Agree with Subtlemouse about John Redwood, but hey you can't have everything. grin

I'm surprised Rustybear has not popped up here yet, she is the guru on the Wokingham area.

Rachel61 Fri 24-Apr-09 20:06:51

Rusrybear, where are you? I believe I need your thoughts on Wokingham.....

DevilsAdvocaat Fri 24-Apr-09 20:15:18

i live in woodley which is next to winnersh/wokingham.

wokingham town centre is nice with a few market stools most days and it seems very well kept by the council. also some nice pubs there. carnival pool is fab for kids

"Carnival Pool facilities include: creche, fitness facilities, gym, learner pool, personal training, sauna / steam rooms, sunbeds, 25m swimming pool including flume and water features."

for younger kids they have a great toddle pool with little elephant slide (my 22mo ds can use by himself).

there is also a 'monkey mates' indoor soft play centre there which is good. the houses and surrounding area seems nice, quite similar to woodley where i live, i don't know it that well though!

DevilsAdvocaat Fri 24-Apr-09 20:16:17

oh yes and there's a train from winnersh station to waterloo which is handy!

whatwouldyoudothen Fri 24-Apr-09 20:16:18

Twyford is nice.

DevilsAdvocaat Fri 24-Apr-09 20:17:10

yes, check out twyford and woodley, both nice, good schools etc.

spicemonster Fri 24-Apr-09 20:19:28

I am in Wokingham right now! Although I don't live here but I was born here. Winnersh is actually not too bad - it's modern housing which is cheaper as victorian is a lot more sought after round here. There is a big Sainsburys and dead easy to get into Reading (about 10 mins on the train). Have no ideas wht schools are like but I do know that the good schools in Wokingham are massively oversubscribed and that if I were to move in my my parents, would have to drive my DS 8 miles to school. But it's a nice place to bring up kids I'd say - lots of other young families, Dinton Pastures is lovely as someone else said and it's very easy to get into proper countryside.

RustyBear Fri 24-Apr-09 21:19:47

I'm here!

We don't all vote for John Redwood you know!

He once came canvassing down my road - he didn't knock on the doors himself, he sent somebody to knock and ask 'Would you like to speak to John Redwood?' I nearly asked how much it would cost, but I managed to restrain myself.....

Anyway, Winnersh was once a lovely little village, but it's grown rather a lot over the last 30 years & is now a bit of a sprawl, centering round a hellish crossroads with a big Sainsbury's. Avoid Rainbow Park....

Wokingham is expensive,but lovely –we’ve lived here nearly 18 years. It’s now getting a bit more varied ethnically, which is good, but it still can’t be described as anything but predominantly white mc.

Sadly the children's bookshop, Chapter One, has now closed along with a good few other businesses. There have been plans to revamp the town centre over the last few years but they have so far come to nothing - the last one foundered when they got to the final planning stages before the council realised that they didn't own M&S's car park which they were planning to build over - and M&S said No....

I live in the southern part, not far from the big Tesco. There are about 30 nursery/infant/junior schools in the borough - a lot of the primaries are actually separate infant & junior schools. We're in the catchment for Wescott infants/Westende Junior, but the catchment areas are rather strange & need to be studied carefully before you choose your area - children from quite close to us also go to Walter County Infants/St Paul's Junior or Emmbrook Infant/Junior. There's also a high achieving over-subscribed Catholic Primary school, St Theresa's, but no corresponding Catholic Secondary.

I actually work at one of the Wokingham junior schools, & I don't want to (a) appear biased or (b) out myself, so it's a bit difficult to give advice – also because there are so many schools & I don’t know a lot about many of them –but feel free to ask any questions.

The secondary in Winnersh, assuming you mean The Forest is boys only - the corresponding girls school is The Holt, which is in Wokingham town, about 2.5 miles away. DD went there, but I really didn't like The Forest when I looked at it for DS, & I put him down for St Crispins instead, but I never found out if he would have got in (we're not in catchment)as he got a place at Reading Boys Grammar school. However this was 10 years ago & they have a new head, which takes away a lot of my reasons for not liking it....

The council have recently closed one of the borough schools -Ryeish Green, in Spencer's Wood, which had had falling numbers for years - they now only have a couple of year groups left. The council want to build a new school to the south/west, possibly on the site of Arborfield Garrison which is closing, but the strong rumours are that they will do it by moving The Emmbrook School which tends to flood whenever there is a heavy shower, but this is being strongly resisted by the parents who live nearby, and lobbied for by those who live in the south (I told you the catchment areas were complicated – Embrook's is actually in two completely separate lumps.)

I am aware that I am now rambling, so perhaps I'd better shut up for now & just answer any questions you have....

LizzyIzzyLou Fri 24-Apr-09 21:36:24

My mum lives in a sheltered housing complex in Winnersh. She moved there from Reading.

I consider her safer there than in Reading. She lives about 5 minutes from Sainsburys.

Its better than anywhere in Reading IMO for crime etc, even though it may not be pretty.

I would love to be able to afford to move closer to her and would have no qualms about moving to Winnersh.

DD is 17 months and I would feel better about the schools and people she is likely to meet if we moved there

spicemonster Fri 24-Apr-09 21:39:01

RustyBear - I went to Westcott Infants

RustyBear Fri 24-Apr-09 21:47:18

spicemonster - DD & DS both went to Wescott - DS is 21 now - when were you there? Did you go to Westende too, or did you move away before junior school?

LizzyIzzy - we were looking at shelterd housing/retirement apartments near Sainsbury's for MIL a couple of years ago, but luckily she decided to move closer to my SIL in Rutland instead...

SuperBunny Sat 25-Apr-09 03:57:37

I also am a Wokingham girl & lots of my friends lived in Winnersh - it's a good place, I think. Good schools, train line to Reading/ Waterloo, Dinton Pastures, supermarkets, Pubs, not far from Wokingham. I'd live there.

This thread is making me all nostalgic - my primary and secondary schools have been mentioned.

Rusty Bear's post in excellent.

spicemonster Sat 25-Apr-09 18:02:44

RustyBear - no, I left the country when I was 5 so I was only there for a term but I really remember it! I am now horribly old so was there well before your children

Docbunches Sun 26-Apr-09 16:56:37

Good post as ever Rustybear.

Just to clarify that when I said Winnersh may not be the most attractive place, I was referring to the busy main road/Sainsburys crossroads area. There are many other parts which are very nice!

wombleprincess Sun 26-Apr-09 17:25:31

winnersh is a hole. wokingham much nicer. dont think you can really compare the two.

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