How much does a carpenter charge to hang a door?

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becj53 Tue 31-Mar-09 15:01:26

Thats about it really!

Got a guy coming tonight to give a quote for hanging 5 doors and just wanted a rough idea so i dont get ripped off!

LikerabbitsBX Thu 02-Apr-09 14:52:48

It depends on what you mean by hanging. Some people say hanging then mean fit hinges, fit locks, bore holes, fit all the furniture, plane to size.

If it simple is just to hang the door then really this should take a very short time and should cost no more than £50.

f it is to do all of the above, then this is a time cosuming job and depends whether the carpenter is on a day, hour of job rate.

However you should be charged around about £50 per door. However this price can differ depending on the door itself, the area you are in and the timescale you need it done.

A normal carpenter day rate depening on the above will be between £80 - £170 per day (highest being one of the best). Lowest being a polish guy or something.

Hour rate between £10 - 26.

Hope this helps.

Source -
Husband a carpenter of 10 Years.

DaisyMooSteiner Thu 02-Apr-09 15:08:58

Can vary wildly. We had two quotes to hang 5 doors recently. One was £150 the other £700!!

LikerabbitsBX Thu 02-Apr-09 15:18:29

Jesus! massive difference.

My husband has a client he is working with at the moment. He is stripping, re hanging (including door furniture, planing ect) and spraying them white.

He is charging £100 per door for 5 doors. These doors are huge solid oak doors, not the ones from Wickes or homebase.

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