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Has anyone installed a long set of folding/sliding doors in their house

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SpaceTrain Sat 07-Mar-09 22:04:21

For our extension we are planning to have the whole wall that leads to the garden (approx 6 m) kitted out with folding doors.

Our architect has recommended Solarlux doors, which do seem to be good but also seem to be the most expensive.

Has anyone had any experience with these, or with any other makes?

We've had a quote from Sunflex, and another make we are looking at is Express Bi-folding doors, which are quite a bit cheaper. However I don't want to skimp on this purchase if we are going to face significant quality issues by buying cheaper.

Another question I have is what have you done for screening the doors? Express offer integrated blinds, which seems a better option that having trailing vertical blinds on the inside.

Thanks for any advice you can give.

Pannacotta Sun 08-Mar-09 14:08:22

I haven't (but we are planning to), though I know our neighbours found a local supplier who was much cheaper than the company their architect suggested (but still great quality).
Worth a look locally?
Integrated blinds sound good, do you need to have anything for screening?

SpaceTrain Sun 08-Mar-09 15:29:13

Thanks for that suggestion Pannacotta.

I am happy to go without screening, but DH is insisting its safer so we can stop burglars peering in hmm

fatjac Mon 09-Mar-09 14:07:03

I am considering these but as I am in Scotland not sure if I'll actually get that much use out of them. May just go for a fewtraditional french doors with glazed side panels instead. I'm not planning on having any screening as we are not overlooked.

Lanky Mon 09-Mar-09 14:16:15

We bought our wooden ones from the Folding Sliding Door Company. They have showrooms in Yorkshire, but we bought ours unseen from the website and we've been very pleased. Not sure how the price compares with other places, but we found it reasonable.

SpaceTrain Mon 09-Mar-09 14:37:33

Thanks Lanky. We'll check them out.

Do you use blinds with them?

missblythe Mon 09-Mar-09 14:42:43

We have a similar design in our kitchen, which goes out into the garden.

I used a local joiner to make/install etc our bi-fold doors, and I am v happy with them.

I got 3 people to quote, he was the nicest man, and the middle price, and I would def. use a local person over a big company again.

Wo don't have anything for screening, as our garden just joins onto other gardens, so no-one can see in really. Am not a big fan of blinds, though, and think shutters would look nicer.

SpaceTrain Mon 09-Mar-09 14:56:11

Thanks missblythe. A joiner would be an option if we were having wooden frames to the doors, but I think we are going to have aluminium.

I agree with you re the screening. Just need to convince hubby now!

ajandjjmum Mon 09-Mar-09 15:02:30

We have a 10 mt. wall in our kitchen from this sliding and folding door system. It was an arm and a leg, but as it was an integral part of the design, we decided to stick with it.

The company we used was Sunfold - their service was pretty crap, but the door system was imported from Germany, and has been superb.

In all fairness, we rarely open the wall to its fullest extent (between the kitchen and decking in the garden), but on the occasions that we have done so, it's made a great party venue.

ajandjjmum Mon 09-Mar-09 15:03:49

Oh - and we have no window coverings, although if we did I'd look at something like the mobile screen systems that you can get.

SpaceTrain Mon 09-Mar-09 15:58:29

Thanks a lot ajjandjj. I will look at them too.

Shame about the customer service, but I suppose the product is the main thing.

SpaceTrain Mon 09-Mar-09 16:09:47

Hvae just taken a look at those ajanjj and they are the same as the Sunflex ones we had been looking at (i.e. same doors, but different company as UK reseller).

Interestingly, what put us off the Sunflex option was the suspicion of poor customer service - it seemed like it was a case of them selling, someone else installing and no-one taking full responsibility.

They are cheaper than the ones our architect recommended though, so maybe I'll take a risk on the customer service.....

ajandjjmum Tue 10-Mar-09 10:16:48

The customer service issues we had were specific -

The builder had not placed his order early enough, but they then were very late with their dates, which compounded the problem.

We have the sliding and folding run and then a double door which comes off at right angles to the main run. We were burgled thru' this door, which was pretty traumatic for all of us. They were totally dismissive of my desire to get things moving asap, and it took months for the doorset to be replaced.

So....the system is great, but be prepared for the hassle!

SpaceTrain Tue 10-Mar-09 16:25:49

What a nightmare about your burglary. You really didn't need the hassle of getting the replacement doors when you had all that trauma to deal with.

Doyou think you were just unlucky with the burglary, or are the doors themselves not very secure? (worried emoticon)

ajandjjmum Wed 11-Mar-09 13:15:32

Sorry SpaceTrain - I actually think that the doors and system are secure, but we didn't have laminated glass (thought we did!), so the burglars were able to throw a brick through the glass. The lock didn't give.

I would certainly go for laminated glass though!


LittleOtik Wed 11-Mar-09 14:10:49

My husband is in the trade (architect / designer with own design & build company) and he uses Solarlux - he would recommend them.

SpaceTrain Wed 11-Mar-09 20:53:14

I will definitely go for the laminated glass then ajanjj!

LittleOtik - can you please ask your husband why in particular he recommends Solarlux? We are really impressed with the company that Lanky mentioned above (Folding Sliding Door company) and they come in £3k cheaper than Solarlux. At the moment we can't see much distinguishing them so are tempted to go with the cheaper option. (Particularly as Folding Sliding Doors offer a 15 year guarantee).

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 21:06:00

SpaceTrain .. are you by any chance based in London? I know of an excellent company but it would probably only worth be recommending if you are around the area.

SpaceTrain Thu 12-Mar-09 18:21:13

I'm on the south coast, but only just over an hour away from London, so I'd be interested in hearing who you recommend.

bodiddly Sat 14-Mar-09 13:29:28

I am not sure how they would compare on price but they are a Lithuanian company based in Islington - think they are called Art for Windows but can check for sure on Monday. We have used them for a couple of projects at work and the price has been excellent and no problems at all with the quality. The windows and doors are produced in Lithuania then brought over. If you are interested I can find their details for you .. it may be worth a call and/or a quick quote at least.

SpaceTrain Sat 14-Mar-09 16:35:06

Thanks for that bodiddly. Isthis them?

I'm not sure if they do exactly the type of doors we are after, but we'll definitely check them out.

bodiddly Sat 14-Mar-09 20:10:38

yes that's them .. I know they do folding doors as I have seen them in their showroom. I don't know the others you have been looking at but it might be worth calling them for a chat!

SpaceTrain Sat 14-Mar-09 20:17:10

I will do Bodiddly - thanks!

Matlow Wed 18-Mar-09 16:39:11

I am thinking of having bifold glass sliding doors with timber frames. Just wondered how much they cost. Can't seem to find any info on price at all. We want 3 leaf door with one leaf that opens independantly, if you see what I mean!

LittleOtik Wed 18-Mar-09 16:41:56

SpaceTrain - if this doesn't come too late - I will ask - I remember him saying something about excellent customer service and that they are "really nice". But I will ask for specifics! (I've never heard him mention the Folding Sliding Door company so he might not know about them).

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