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Moving to Tamworth/Lichfield

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spiralqueen Tue 03-Mar-09 16:33:45

we're being relocated to work to the Lichfield/Tamworth area and really don't know the area at all. Can you MNs recommend any nice villages/small towns in the area?

We have a 2 yr old to find a full time nursery for plus the joys of finding a good primary school I guess.


MrsJamin Tue 03-Mar-09 20:18:05

Shenstone - south of lichfield - just lovely (I may be biased!) - good primary school and in catchment for king edward Vii school in lichfield, v good school too.

AnybodyHomeMcFly Tue 03-Mar-09 20:23:10

Long time since I lived in the area but I think Stone and Penkridge are generally considered pretty nice (Stone more so than Penk).
Acton Trussell too although could be too small and quiet.

blithedance Tue 03-Mar-09 20:28:28

Can't do better than MrsJ. Lichfield is a more upmarket small city (cathedral and pretty shops)than Tamworth but with prices to match I expect. It's not that big. Apart from that it's just villages- I would think about how much driving and commuting you want to do.

Just think how close you'll be to Thomasland grin!

MrsJamin Wed 04-Mar-09 09:48:37

Also I would add that shenstone's main advantage over other villages in the area is that it's on a main train line between birmingham and lichfield, you can get to b'ham new st station in half an hour, lichfield in 10 mins, meaning teenagers are well connected so you don't have to drive them everywhere (like you would have to do for a lot of villages).

indignatio Wed 04-Mar-09 09:52:58

Barton under Needwood has good schools

spiralqueen Wed 04-Mar-09 09:56:43

Thanks everyone - that's really helpful. What's the Atherstone area like or Armitage? Equally anywhere we should avoid? Heard rumours that Rugeley isn't great.

spiralqueen Thu 05-Mar-09 10:32:46


shelleylou Thu 05-Mar-09 10:42:33

Rugely is closer to wednesford on the way to stafford than it is Tamworth IIRC. From what i know when i was in staffs there are some quite rough areas which you get anywhere i surpose.
I agree with Shenstone very close for tansport links.
I lived in lichfield there isnt a large variety of chainstores are quie a lot of independants. Sutton coldfield is good for shopping bout 30mins on the train from lichfield. Even if your closer to lichfield than tamworth it doesnt take long to get to Jolly rodger retail park and another 1 across the road(the name escapes me) down the A5

shelleylou Thu 05-Mar-09 10:44:06

Chase Terrace/ Town both classed under Burntwood are more town like. The schools arent too bad AFAIK.

CrackerNut Thu 05-Mar-09 10:46:11

I love Lichfield and would give my right arm to live there. Tamworth has far more not so nice areas than Lichfield imo.

Agree with MrsJammin, Shenstone is lovely. I also like Fradley although haven't been there for ages.

shelleylou Thu 05-Mar-09 10:49:10

Mile Oak is quite nice the juniors is quite god. Cant remember the name of the senior school pupils go to can remember seeing any nurseries about there but i nly had limited journies there to certain places.

Cracker you culd have had my old flat if i had known lol. Not sure if you'd want it now thugh after it was recently on the news

CrackerNut Thu 05-Mar-09 10:50:33

What was it on the news for ??

I wish I had exchanged to Lichfield as soon as I split with xp. Got no chance now as dd1 has just been given her secondary school place.

shelleylou Thu 05-Mar-09 10:59:52

the manf that went to the shp fr a bttle of wine and got beaten to death. 1 of the attackers lived on my old street where the man lived and the shps where it started less than 5 min walk.

CrackerNut Thu 05-Mar-09 11:07:13

Oh, I don't think I ever heard about that, not nice.

loler Thu 05-Mar-09 11:55:06

I live just north of Rugeley - my village is lovely and has pretty good schools - feed to Stafford secondary schools. Much cheaper houses than Lichfield. DS goes to a good local nursery.

I personally would prefer to live Lichfield way rather than Tamworth. Consider Stafford if you don't mind a drive.

I've heard good things about the animal crackers nursery in fradley.

JODIEhadtoomanymincepies Thu 05-Mar-09 12:00:38

I live in Alrewas, which is 1/2 way between Tamworth and Lichfield, it's great, lovel pubs, pretty village, great people, Lovely Primary School (outstanding in Ofsted), great senior school in Barton under Needwood, Local nurserys are great too, Animal Crackers in Fradley is supposed to be great, but mine go to Bright Beginnings in Barton under Needwood, which is Fab!!! There are plenty more, but not sure on them.

Basically, I love living here! grin

JODIEhadtoomanymincepies Thu 05-Mar-09 12:03:48

Must add that I used to live in Shenstone, and it's great too, but house prices are silly because of the train line, and Fradley has a HUGE estate built on it and no aminities (sp?) so no doctors, school, shop, pub etc....

spiralqueen Thu 05-Mar-09 12:13:50

Jodie - what's the name of the big estate in Fradley?

Saw guy from Hunters Estate Agents yesterday and he was suggesting Alrewas, Fradley, Whittington & Elford as good places to live.

Coming up in a couple of weeks for a look around so all your suggestions will be really helpful. Thanks everyone and keep them coming please

JODIEhadtoomanymincepies Thu 05-Mar-09 12:17:53

Oh I don't know the name of the estate, but Whittington and Elford are nice too, only thing to watch is that Elford gets seriously flooded if there is any down pour and the roads get blocked for a few days at least.

spiralqueen Thu 05-Mar-09 12:39:17

Ooh - the estate agent didn't mention that one!!

JODIEhadtoomanymincepies Thu 05-Mar-09 14:41:27

I bet he didn't!!! (it is a nice village otherwise though!)

blithedance Sat 07-Mar-09 23:23:57

You mentioned Atherstone a few posts back - I live near there - it's a bit of a one-horse town TBH, is really a satellite of Nuneaton. It's friendly enough but fairly unsophisicated. The secondary school is not brilliant but I believe there are OK primaries/nurseries.

There are nice villages surrounding (well hopefully so, I live in one of them)- Twycross (private schools only), Sheepy, Appleby Magna, Witherley, maybe Polesworth (OK secondary school there). Sounds like you are looking for somewhere a bit bigger though? It's a quick drive along the A5 towards Lichfield now the Hints bypass is open.

Pick up a copy of the Tamworth Herald when you come up - that should give you a slice of local life grin. Property supplement Thursday.

cheesescone Mon 09-Mar-09 14:56:50

We are selling our lovely family home of 12 years in a lovely village location near the fab market village of Market Bosworth. Great schools very safe about 10 miles away from Tamworth. Tamworth itself is not too nice in my opinion. I know loads about this area if you need help. Brought up both dcs here . Very good schools state and private

spiralqueen Tue 10-Mar-09 10:28:39

We've been living in surburbia for a few years but come from a small village (1 shop/1 pub/1 church/1 chapel) and are very keen to get back to that kind of environment.

All thoughts gratefully received cheesescone!

Up in a fortnight (coach trip from work) so will keep an eye out for the Herald.

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