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Morning Noddy!!

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PestoMonster Tue 03-Mar-09 10:18:07

Sorry, I should have posted in this section really. I would suggest you drive round and get a feel for the area, but would say that the North side of our village is the 'preferred' area. Not sure why, but think it is quieter and definitely a good place to be.

The other (East) side has some good parts too, so don't discount it, but you would probably have to have a drive round to get a feel with what feels comfortable.

The link I put up is a really nice road. Quiet and the bungalows on that (North) side of it, all back on to a bridlepath. The race horses come past every day, which is nice if you want a bit of rural-ness. But the best thing is that the buses are excellent here and you can get into town and out again really easily.

PestoMonster Tue 03-Mar-09 10:29:12

Just read your other message, if they're after a show-stopper then maybe they should also consider Ovingdean and Rottingdean? Some lovely properties there. Just depends if they've got the budget for it!

noddyholder Tue 03-Mar-09 10:30:01

thanks the buses are important as my mum doesn't really want to drive much any more.They will be back in 2 weeks to look at more so am hoping they find something.We also looked in saltdean which is quite nice too

PestoMonster Tue 03-Mar-09 10:33:50

Saltdean is lovely, but the new traffic scheme along the coast road means that travelling to and from it is an absolute nightmare nowadays.

PestoMonster Tue 03-Mar-09 10:35:45

Just wanted to add that, not only are the buses truly fab here, but you can check when they're due at the local bus stop on-line! DD1 gets the bus down to LH school every morning and can time it so that she doesn't have to wait at the bus stop for longer than necessary! Yay!

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