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Have you ever used a doctors' note to help with a complaint/moving?

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SecretSlattern Tue 17-Feb-09 17:36:45

I am wondering if anyone has ever used a note from the GP to help resolve housing issues, particularly with a view to moving out of one property and into another?

I have posted many times before about the state of my house as a result of damp and mould. Despite numerous complaints to the HA and a complaint and subsequent visit from Environmental Health, still the HA have done nothing about the damp and mould growing all over the place.

To give a brief outline:

There are large black mould patches all over the outside wall in DD's bedroom which are so extreme that DD now sleeps in bed with DH and I.

There are the same patches in kitchen cupboards and on an interior wall where the air vent is situated. The plaster is crumbling away from the walls and where the ceiling joins the wall.

There is mould growing on the insides of my bedroom curtains, despite the exterior wall of my room being "damp proofed" about 3 years ago hmm.

Other reported faults include plug sockets in the kitchen which have become so wet with damp that the whole electric supply to the place was knocked out. An engineer came out, took the plate off of the socket, taped the wires up and left it and a double socket plate that is hanging off the wall in the living room.

The HA installed a brand new boiler in my living room (don't ask, long story!) and left the pipes exposed, claiming no responsibility for them. I wouldn't have a massive problem with this only I have 2 DC's, one of which is about to start crawling.

Myself and DD are diagnosed asthmatics although suffer varying degrees of the condition. DS has been hospitalised twice in the last month, initially with bronchiolitis and secondly with respiratory failure and we have been told it is pretty much a given, that given the damage to his lungs from these illnesses he has had, he too will be asthmatic. DD is 5 and DS is 8mo.

I am wondering whether it is worth going to the GP to ask for a letter of some description to help us in our fight for someone to take action. Now we are all sleeping in one bedroom, coughs and colds are being passed all over the place. DS has another chest infection, despite being let out of hospital not three weeks ago.

Nobody is taking us seriously and I am concerned for the health and well being of my family. The GP has prescribed AD's for me as the situation is upsetting me sooo much. A friend came round for the first time today and without meaning to offend, the first words out of her mouth referred to the "stink of damp" as soon as she walked through the door.

SecretSlattern Tue 17-Feb-09 17:49:43


sausagenmash Tue 17-Feb-09 18:05:54

SS - I would if I were you. Also, is your dd under a respiratory Dr / paediatrician at your hospital? They can do a great juicy letter to 'whom it may concern' - I'm a nurse, and my consultant does these kind of letters on a regular basis, and they always result in success. Good luck smile

SecretSlattern Tue 17-Feb-09 18:29:43

Thanks, neither of the DC's are under paediatrician's at the hospital. I wanted to ask them when DS was discharged but felt a bit cheeky. Would it be possible to get DS referred to someone like that on the basis of his bronchilitis and respiratory failure, especially now as he has another chest infection?

RealityIsMyOnlyValentine Tue 17-Feb-09 18:32:19

Message withdrawn

SecretSlattern Tue 17-Feb-09 18:36:25

Brilliant, exactly what I wanted to hear! I really am at the end of my tether with it. I'm just worried that people will think I'm not being genuine.

I think it is disgusting that because the HA have not carried out the necessary repairs, 4 of us are sleeping in one bedroom. The damp and mould are definately exacerbating the DC's health, I just can't prove it sad

sausagenmash Tue 17-Feb-09 18:43:18

Maybe you could also get your health visitor round and she can assess the situation too - so then at least you've got 'evidence' from someone to give to your GP? Poor you - must be rotten, esp at this time of year when its all so cold and manky. Go see your GP asap!

Sorrento Tue 17-Feb-09 20:21:44

Can you get a free half an hour with a solicitor about withholding rent until the repairs are carried out ?
Obviously depends on if you want to stay in the house or not, just worried you might go out of the frying pan into the fire, if everything else, neighbours, area etc is ok ?

deste Thu 19-Feb-09 21:09:46

Why dont you get the local press to come in and take photographs. I'm sure you will be given a house very quickly. You could also take photos yourself and take then to your GP.

deste Thu 19-Feb-09 21:19:26

Why dont you get the local press to come in and take photographs. I'm sure you will be given a house very quickly. You could also take photos yourself and take then to your GP.

marleypup Fri 17-Jun-11 12:52:30


i've just seen this i s know it was from back in 2009, but iw as just wondering if you got anywhere??

My baby is born 9 weeks prem and has various respiatory problems he also had bronculitious and has been in hospital 7 time in 6 months due to weezing etc he is always ill and i have had to go part time at work because his nursey cant cater for his problems, i have approached the council about a move because i'm on a 2nd floor flat and the neighbours all smoke in the hallway which i have to walk through, i have to keep my son away from this sort of thing as much as possiable. it even comes through the windows from the flat below so i cant open my windows. My doctor is currently writing me a letter but i've been told be the council that hes not disabled and you cant always protect children from smoke!!
it is definatley adding to his problems tho.

does anyone know what else i can do to get a move??

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