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Black-out blinds: fitted like Velux blinds, but for normal windows, IYKWIM

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Mummyfor3 Mon 09-Feb-09 11:11:09

Does anybody know where to get this kind of thing?
Apparently they do exist, but I cannot source them. They run in kind of tracks just inside the window frame and let absolutely no light through.
I really need these before the v light Scottish summer arrives and DS3 decides that 3.30am is a reasonable time to get up wink.

bella29 Mon 09-Feb-09 11:18:39

I did buy black out roller blinds (not on tracks), made to measure from Velux.

Perhaps they do the track sort too?

Good luck.

Mummyfor3 Mon 09-Feb-09 20:56:16

Thanks for replying, bella smile.

Any other ideas out there? <shameless bump>

IAteMakkaPakka Mon 09-Feb-09 21:03:19

The best we could do (also experiencing very light Scottish summers and very early rising child!) were Tesco blinds, which were dirt cheap online and you cut them to fit your window so you can make them as wide as possible, fittings allowing. There is still a gap either side but when coupled with curtains too there's not much gets through.

Mummyfor3 Mon 09-Feb-09 21:06:06

I am trying to avoid the blind AND curtain thing - I hate curtains, too fussy, or something...hmm Maybe I should have counselling to look further at my curtain aversion; who knows what might be lurking in my subconcious grin?

spicemonster Mon 09-Feb-09 21:07:34

Why don't you just get Velux ones? They sound exactly the same. I don't think Velux ones have to be at an angle to work

bodiddly Mon 09-Feb-09 21:07:50

I only know because I sell them at work ... Faber blinds make them .. the roller blind sits in a cassette andthe blind runs in tracks down the side of the window. I think Luxaflex also do them!

WilfSell Mon 09-Feb-09 21:08:03

Tesco sell em. But they only make them in standard Velux window sizes sad

I think there is a business opportunity here for someone for all of us paranoid mummies who want blackout blinds that FIT WELL and DO NOT HAVE CORDS.

I would pay extra for blinds on tracks...

My compromise is John Lewis who make blinds with a spring mechanism to order (though they are expensive)

myredcardigan Mon 09-Feb-09 21:11:42

Velux make proper black out blinds for their windows as do that other company who make velux but not velux windows. You can get black pull down ones or a concertena type one both are black-out.

OH,just remembered the other company is called keylight!

myredcardigan Mon 09-Feb-09 21:12:50

Yes, the keylight ones are on tracks. You slide them down the window.

MammaMeMe Mon 09-Feb-09 21:17:31

This might seem like an odd option but after my blackout curtains didn't do the trick I got these for travelling and still have them up in DD's room - better than anything I could find and you can take them with you
this page

myredcardigan Mon 09-Feb-09 21:18:02

We have been through various types of black-out blind (3DCs)and believe it or not,the best we found for standard windows were the argos ones. You cut it to size and unlike most others, the blind is as wide as the pole so sits over the window frame IYKWIM. The bottom of the blind is also weighted so they lie flush with the frame.

It aint pretty though!

Mummyfor3 Mon 09-Feb-09 21:21:15

Gosh, thank you! <overwhelmed by replies>

MammaMeMe, I have seen those and wondered about them... It is the gap between the standard black out blinds and the window recess that allows so much light in, it is unreal!
Lots of good suggestions there; thanks for the insider tips wink!

MammaMeMe Mon 09-Feb-09 21:36:45

Good luck - the travel ones do block out that extra light as they're stuck on the window. We have sash windows and these work perfectly for us, although there is messing around with pushing them back during the day grin

nappyaddict Wed 20-May-09 09:25:55

Do the travel ones still let some light through if use on their own? What about if use with blackout curtains aswell?

Fizzylemonade Wed 20-May-09 16:38:06

I have baa baa black out blinds for when we go away, they are not totally black out as the material lets pin pricks of light in so if you are avoiding the curtain issue then they are of no use.

I'm not saying they aren't good, it's just that the material is not an actual blackout material.

I have seen the exact thing you are referring to - they attach into that black spongey stuff between your glass and the upvc framework and are like a velus blind

<goes off to find website, I'll definitely be back>

but I will warn you that they attach to each pane of glass so if you have a 2 pane window ie one that opens and one that doesn't then you need one per pane which is what put me off

Fizzylemonade Wed 20-May-09 16:59:19

Cannot find it, it came on a leaflet and I was intrigued so looked it up. Basically it had clips that you pushed into that black spongey bit and then the slide rails went down the sides so the blind slid up and down the grooved tracks.

There were no cords so it was very safe, no drilling either, it came with a little tool to push it into the frame.

In fact it was all a bit fab but my laptop crashed so dh wiped it and started again (he is in IT) so it isn't in my history sad

madamy Tue 09-Jun-09 22:33:58

I know this thread is a bit old but I came across it whilst searching for blackout solutions!

I found these fizzylemonade - are they what you saw. They look ideal!!

lynneinjapan Wed 10-Jun-09 21:07:16

If appearance isn't a priority then you could do what we've done: got blackout lining (from John Lewis) and attached it to the window frame with velcro.

Fizzylemonade Fri 12-Jun-09 12:46:03

madamy yes yes that is the one I was looking for!!!

I liked them a lot and the website I went on showed them fitting it but it didn't come with a pre-made frame you made the frame by clipping it together on the window. The recess seemed deeper on the one I saw so the blind was inside the groove at the edges.

This is a good demo though of the blind being fitted

first the clips that just slot in

then the actual blind frame going on (this is for pleated but they also do roller and venetian)

Fizzylemonade Fri 12-Jun-09 15:58:42

Ah ha! Now I have found the ones I was looking at

It is different as it has no pre-made frame, really good video even if slow and boring

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