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This house needs some renovation, what would you do?

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HeadFairy Thu 05-Feb-09 21:11:22


I found it while browsing, we've got to at least get an offer on ours before we can seriously start looking but if it's still on the market when we're in a position to put an offer in I'm seriously tempted. Obviously it needs a lot of work, what would you do? Would you change the layout? I was thinking something could be done with the utility room/kitchen/dining room layout, but I can't quite think what.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Thu 05-Feb-09 21:46:30

Well the wall between the kitchen and utility room needs knocking down to make one big space.

From the floor plan, it looks like you could extend the dining room then have it open plan where you turn right into the kitchen. Then the wall on the top and the left could be floor to ceiling windows / doors around the whole corner.

Though without knowing what's in the outside space, it's tricky to say, really.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Thu 05-Feb-09 21:47:41

And of course if you got rid of the kitchen's end wall to knock through into the new dining room, the roof might fall down. Which could be a bit of a problem.

ProfessorCalculus Thu 05-Feb-09 21:52:24

I'd keep the utility room separate and knock through the kitchen/living room/dining room to make one big open plan family area, keeping the sitting room at the front as separate adult space for the evenings.

IloveBrucie Thu 05-Feb-09 21:52:44

Not buy it because it appears to have very little garden - deal breaker in my eyes, sorry

cmotdibbler Thu 05-Feb-09 22:00:15

I like it, and I'd do as Prof says. Godstone is lovely too.

choosyfloosy Thu 05-Feb-09 22:00:17

I'd turn the dining room into the kitchen, extend the utility room rightwards with some sort of glass arrangement, then turn the living room, kitchen and utility room into a single space. I think the bathroom upstairs needs a shower or a showerbath too.

Looks lovely smile

HeadFairy Fri 06-Feb-09 09:25:38

I agree the utility area needs extending out to run the full width of the kitchen and then the whole area opening up to make a living/dining/cooking area, with the other sitting room a toy free grown up room, but I hadn't thought about a conservatory or something similar choosyfloosy. Thanks for that, that's a great idea. I think as marymotherofcheeses says the wall between the kitchen and the dining room may be a supporting wall, but we could always have an rsj fitted.

Ilovebrucie, there's a patio garden out the back, and a lawned garden in the front and the area is surrounded by open fields, but I did wonder about the garden. Without seeing it it's hard to tell, but I know the area well and there's loads of open land around. There's a massive lake about 100 yds away (it's fenced off, but there's open fields aroud too)

I think the whole place needs gutting around the rest of the house, it's a given I think the bathroom will need replacing.

lalalonglegs Fri 06-Feb-09 18:51:13

Get rid of disgusting arch; get rid of plastic windows; extend kitchen so that it reaches edge of garage then knock kitchen/dining/living room together to make massive family kitchen living space thingy; knock down utility room which seems to block aspect onto garden and add a small one at back of garage; redecorate throughout.

choosyfloosy Fri 06-Feb-09 20:24:16

I do think it's the sort of house where an architect's fees would be well worth it, if you can find one who's personally recommended for this sort of domestic stuff. We would never have thought of some of the things that our architect thought of. The first one we tried was very nice, but it was his first domestic job - he'd mostly done schools before. The drawings he did for us looked remarkably municipal tbh.

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