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so anyway...being made homeless next week...any one here from council, advice pls

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mumnotarobot Tue 03-Feb-09 18:27:31

I am a single mum with a 6year old son. I live with my mum, and due to here mental health......long story she now wants us out. I am not mad at my mum, shes helped us for this long, and as i said its a long story which would help give a clearer picture of things but would prefer not to go into it.

I've tried to apply for my own council property but i havent been given enough points to bid. Which means i could be on the hosuing list forever.

Anyways today i went to the housing aid to apply for homelessness.
Im left a little cheesed off because i dont feel anyone is helping in suppporting me. Ive contacted social services because they have a legal obligation to step in and offer help, ive been told. Its been two weeks and ive been calling them, they still havent done anything.
I mean what am i suppose to do, i only recieve lone parents benefits, loooking for work at moment but things are so stressful i dont know what next move to make.

I know i can rent privately and apply for housing benefits but in order to do this would need down payments... all this is stressful dont have the money and i feel like screaming.

ps my mums decision is final and she refuses to discuss it.

Advice please

Clement Tue 03-Feb-09 18:30:41

don't know anything about this but bump for you. good luck.

CarGirl Tue 03-Feb-09 18:32:55

I have no idea, but I would turn up at the council housing dept 9am and tell them you have nowhere to go. Will your mum write you an evication letter?

mumnotarobot Tue 03-Feb-09 18:34:19

shes done this already and ive given this to them... and i guess now im waiting. But i dont feel like i have been given any support. Do you know what i mean??

MillieMummy Tue 03-Feb-09 18:35:01

The coucil housing department have a duty to help you if you are homeless and have a child. They may want to do some checks - may ask you to provide your and your DS's birth certs, proof of CB proof that you were staying with your mum and details of your previous addresses etc.

If you are actually homeless ie have no where to go they have to provide you with temporary accommodation.

If you are still having problems with the housing aid centre talk to a local solicitor or CAB who will be able to help.

mrspnut Tue 03-Feb-09 18:35:25

Have you tried calling shelter 0808 800 4444, 8am-8pm seven days a week for specialist advice and also making an appointment at CAB for assistance with filling in any forms and other advice.

If your mother does ask you to leave then the council will have a duty to house you in temporary accommodation which will give you more points straight away in order to bid on a more permanent home.

MillieMummy Tue 03-Feb-09 18:36:07

Sorry forgot to ask - do you mind saying where abouts you live? Some local authorities have a scheme to provide a deposit for people who are homeless to access private rented accommodation.

CarGirl Tue 03-Feb-09 18:37:22

will your mum let you leave some stuff with her? Pack carefully what you need and I guess turn up with your paperwork and clothes and some food essentials.

Sorry I've not been in your situation but I've heard from others that the system is a joke.

mumnotarobot Tue 03-Feb-09 18:38:16

i will... thanks. I guess i just need some advice, a vent out. Apart from my son i have no immediate family here. I do have friends but they have their children and even if someone was to put me up my son is in yr 1 i dont want to be living from pillar to post. That would un settle him and disrupt him, not to mention the fact my friends are from different boroughs to mine. I live in islington.

mumnotarobot Tue 03-Feb-09 18:42:08

I did contact shelter today, they seemed helpful and said the same things as you guys are saying. I know my mum will allow me to leave some stuff with her, but for how long i do not know.

I guess what is also bugging is the fact that they treat you like scum. I mean who wishes to be homeless. Why would anyone leave their home in this weather?? I am just amazed by their attitudes, and tbh fed up!

MillieMummy Tue 03-Feb-09 18:42:35

Give them a call in the morning and ask them exactly what documents they will need - if you take everything with you the first time it will make things easier.

Also ask if they have a rent deposit scheme - most authorities in London do now.

Good luck.

mumnotarobot Tue 03-Feb-09 18:47:07

I have given every document they required from me.

CarGirl Tue 03-Feb-09 18:47:22

I think some of the attitude comes because a number of homeless people have got themselves into debt through unnecessary overspending etc. It must be horrible being tarred with the same brush though.

sorrento Tue 03-Feb-09 20:11:06

Will they not find you a hostel place ?

mumnotarobot Tue 03-Feb-09 20:14:12

i dontknow anyhing yet. jus needed some advice as im not actually yet homeless. Needed to know what help was out there as i will be made homeless next week

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