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has anyone insulated a solid walled house?

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ilovetochat Tue 27-Jan-09 16:29:58

We have major damp/mould/insulation problems in our solid concrete house and have info on 10mm flexible insulation that you fit on the inside of the house and also paint that prevents condesation/mould.
anyone got any tips/advice?

lalalonglegs Tue 27-Jan-09 17:08:11

Have you got expert advice about this because with solid concrete walls, you can end up doing more harm than good with insulation by trapping the damp and leading to further problems.

ilovetochat Tue 27-Jan-09 19:52:31

yes we phoned the energy savings trust advice line and were advised to insulate inside rather than outside to hold damp out. It used by councils on all their concrete houses.

ibbydibby Thu 03-Sep-09 14:04:53

Just wondering if you got any further with this, ilovetochat? Our problem is that our house (1930s) has a cavity - but it is to narrow for cavity wall insulation. Earlier this year I discovered there a product that you stick on your wall, once stuck it hardens and you can decorate it. I was going to post to see if anyone has ever used it.....I have been in touch with our local council about it, and the man there told me it has been used extensively in council houses.

Last winter was our first in our house, and we were frozen. So now panicking about winter 2009/10!

Geocentric Thu 03-Sep-09 14:06:31

I read the title as "has anyone insulted a solid walled house" grin

ibbydibby Fri 04-Sep-09 09:11:56

Geocentric, I frequently insulted our no-solid-walled house last year as it was so flipping cold and draughty and damp....

Anyone else in this situation? (ie struggling to insulate, rather than insult, their house?!)

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