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Roman blinds - Am I going mad?

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angel1976 Sun 25-Jan-09 17:04:51

Okay, am completely DIY stupid so please humour me! We just ordered custom-made black out Roman blind from John Lewis for my son's bedroom. Meant to pick it up tomorrow. Okay, at no point did JL asked us what type of window we had.

My MIL has just been to visit and she insists Roman blinds need to be fixed to the window frame (or the hooks for the cord need to) so that wouldn't work on our current window, which is UPVC. Also, she insists we cannot have a metal chain ont he side as the pull cos that's not the way Roman blinds work (JL specifically recommended the more expensive metal chain as they last longer than the normal cord with toggle). Because my MIL insists that Roman blind has to be fitted to the window frame, then we are in trouble as we have handles on our window that will cause the blind to 'protude'!

We currently have a Venetian blind in there that the previous owner put in that doesn't fit properly but it's fitted on the top bit of the recess. Am I mad to think that surely there is another way of fixing a Roman blind otherwise NO modern property will be able to have Roman blinds? She just kept on and on about how we have made a £200 mistake. Surely JL would have said something about us needing wooden-framed window is that is the case? MIL says that's not JL's job and we should know that Roman blind doesn't go on plastic window. Who is mad - me or MIL????? Thanks!

pavlovthecat Sun 25-Jan-09 17:09:21

We have a roman blackout blind attached to a upvc window, no problems. It was fitted by a window fitter. The way they roll down, the protruding handles should not get in the way, as they do not have to be flush against the window, you can either have it flush so it rolls one way, or so it rolls the other way and there is a little gap (to be honest, it will not filter every single bit of light, however you have it, so wont make a difference).

Your MIL is talking rubbish

ProfRichardDawkins Sun 25-Jan-09 17:10:43

The fixing you get can be fitted directly onto the plastered lintel of your window recess so it's perfectly possible to have roman blinds and uPVC windows. Even if they have timber windows I doubt anyone would want to screw their fixings into the window itself.

Your MIL is talking out of her bottom. wink

angel1976 Sun 25-Jan-09 18:32:13

Ok, so MIL is mad and I am not! LOL!!!! I just cannot conceive of the idea that Roman blind is ONLY for wooden-framed windows! God, you should all seen the way she was going on about it... I honestly thought I was going mad... Thanks! hmm

shubiedoo Sun 25-Jan-09 18:51:52

Well, it sounds like she's very rude to put it that way, but I can also see what she means, the cheapest way to put roman blinds in is to attach them to the wooden window frame.

LynetteScavo Sun 25-Jan-09 18:59:13

I think if you have a UPVC frame you put up a wooden battern to attatch it to. I've definately had Roman blinds at UPVC windows - but putting them up was DH's department.

I would like to see your MIL's face when you've put it up!

LOOBYLOU2 Sun 25-Jan-09 19:02:23

My roman blinds are fitted to the lintel too
They clip into hook like things ... fitted by Hilarys.

Furball Sun 25-Jan-09 19:10:59

We drilled up and attached a wooden batton then fitted the blind to that - easy!

angel1976 Sun 25-Jan-09 19:39:19

Thanks all! The thing is MIL doesn't work and all she does is re-decorate so she thinks she knows it all in that area. DH and I are completely DIY stupid and it frustrates her no end. You should hear her go on about our garden (a work in progress for like 6 months, which isn't that long!) but we are not garden-people either. She chose the paint colours for DS's room and our living room and I don't mind cos to me, they are only colours and not a big deal but you should have heard her comments about the colour (it's too dark!) I've bought to paint DS's name on paper letters. Surely there's no right or wrong, it's just what you like???!!!! I would love you all to see her face when the blind and the letters I've painted are up! LOL!

angel1976 Sun 25-Jan-09 19:39:57

BTW, anyone in SE London who can help install some blind? grin

angel1976 Mon 02-Feb-09 21:56:04

Just wanted to let you all know that the blind arrived, it's perfect for the window (MIL doubted my ability to measure up as well, advising that I got the company in to do it!) and the way it fits is that you install these clips into the lintel and the blind bar clips on! And DIY stupid DH managed to do it without putting in two many holes (only had to filled in two!) and it looks lovely. Can't wait for MIL to come and see the blind (and the letters of DS's name painted in the too dark colour). grin

angel1976 Mon 02-Feb-09 21:56:37

Thanks for all the advice.

southeastastra Mon 02-Feb-09 21:57:17

ah i'm so pleased grin this thread did make me laugh

angel1976 Mon 02-Feb-09 22:13:03

Oh yes, it has a metal chain pull thingy too and works beautifully... Ha ha ha, maybe I should invite the MIL down specially for a look. wink

crestfitters Tue 25-Mar-14 19:20:34

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

EthelDorothySusan Tue 25-Mar-14 19:34:47

quit it with the zombie thread, I think these need to be reported.

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