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Anyone live in Buxton

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cloudedyellow Sat 17-Jan-09 22:27:08

or know what it's like there?
Any information appreciated.

PuzzleRocks Sun 18-Jan-09 18:19:43

Bumping for you.

PoppyField Sun 18-Jan-09 22:37:28

It's a nice town.

There was a property section in last Saturday's Guardian magazine. I think it's called 'Let's Move To...'. Hang on, I'll try to find a link. Ahh... there you go... it's a start anyway...


Ivykaty44 Sun 18-Jan-09 22:39:07

No, but thought it was nice when i visited

Lubyloo Sun 18-Jan-09 22:40:57

I really like Buxton. It's changing a lot at the moment. The spa is being refurbished and there seem to be a lot of new businesses opening up. There is the theatre which is wonderful and always lots of things going on. It is cold though and does get the worst of the weather!

cloudedyellow Sun 18-Jan-09 23:29:16

Oh thanks everyone. Helpful article, Poppy.

When you say cold Lubyloo, does that mean winter snow likely, usually wet and windy, or just generally colder than most towns all through the year?

Lubyloo Mon 19-Jan-09 00:02:14

Well it is generally a couple of degrees lower than the surrounding areas and is often recorded as having the lowest daily temperature in England. It is in a dip so I think the cold air just sinks into it! They do get snow when other areas nearby haven't got any.

Are you thinking of moving there?

cloudedyellow Mon 19-Jan-09 10:54:18

Ah, that's useful information Luby. Thanks.

I'm just researching places that I might want to move to. Nothing definate yet, but Buxton seems rather good. Need to visit!

Lubyloo Mon 19-Jan-09 11:09:10

Well I live near to Buxton and when we (finally!) manage to get an offer and sell this house then we want to move there.

Do you live far away? Will it be a big move for you?

cloudedyellow Mon 19-Jan-09 13:38:23

Yes, far, far away! I live in West Cornwall.

I'm a grandma and my ds and ddil and dgs(14 mnths) live in Scotland and my dd is in London.
It's a 12+ hr train journey to Scotland and so I want to live nearer, but not actually Scotland...

Lived in Mellor, Derbyshire, as a child and have some warm feelings towards it. Had been considering the Lakes, but rather expensive there, property wise. The Peak district is gorgeous though, isn't it?

Will it be hard for you finding a new property when you eventually sell? I thought Buxton wasn't cheap, but possible.

Of course, I'll have the same difficulties selling my cottage. Not easy is it?

Thanks and good luck, Luby!

chosenone Tue 20-Jan-09 09:35:32


I live there. It is lovely. Very up and coming due to new Universty and development of Spa Hotel! Very pretty and lots of pretty surrounding villages and places of interest! Some nice restarants and bars now too! House prices are obviously tumbling so there are some good deals available, most places are close to the town centre! Winters can be harsh as we are quite high up so today we have a covering of snow and sometimes it snows here when its raining 5 miles away! lol

Newcomers to the town sometimes say original Buxtonians are quite cliquey but there are so many things to do and people to meet, especially if you like the Arts as we have an Opera festival, Gilbert & Sullivan and a fringe festival 2nd only to Edinburgh!

cloudedyellow Tue 20-Jan-09 11:34:25

Don't most places tend to be quite cliquey, chosenone? It's a sad fact.

Thanks, anyway, for your help. It does sound lovely. Arts AND a station, AND snow. Perfect. We get so little snow down here and I love it.

Are you an old Buxtonian? You and Lubyloo sound very friendly. Where are the good areas to house hunt in Buxton? I'm not ready yet, but it's good to keep my eye on things!

chosenone Tue 20-Jan-09 21:29:44

Yes I've lived in a few places and found them cliquey! But I am a Buxtonian and really like it! According to the Guardian 'West is best' ie near the Pavilion Gardens, and the Park area near the Cricket Ground and Burbage are always seen as the most desirable albeit slightly more pricey!

cloudedyellow Wed 21-Jan-09 10:38:56

Thanks again!

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