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how much to renovate a 3 bed property?

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chatee Fri 16-Jan-09 12:18:10

how much to renovate a 3 bed property?

not electrical, windows
but all rooms including kitchen and bathroom?

doesn't have to be top range just enough for a nice decent proerty that would be 'forever'

just rough ideas please?

PuzzleRocks Fri 16-Jan-09 13:14:49

Bumping for you.

lalalonglegs Fri 16-Jan-09 15:28:47

It depends on where you live/what finish you want/how big the property is (3 beds vary a lot)/whether you need new central heating/structural work involved. If you are talking about redecoration (new decor, new flooring, some new plastering, new tiling etc), I would allow at least £1000 per room and, whatever your kitchen/bathroom cost, allow 50% again for fitting/finishing. (So, new kitchen costs £4000, you will need £2000 to have it installed and tiles laid etc). Very, very rough.

expatinscotland Fri 16-Jan-09 15:38:31

that's going to vary A LOT.

Try looking on some sites like B&Q or Homebase and IKEA to price things like kitchen or bathroom suites to get a rough idea.

SheherazadetheGoat Fri 16-Jan-09 15:40:27

how long is a piece of string. 30k would do it properly.

LadyLiffey Fri 16-Jan-09 15:40:33

Yes I've wondered that too. Just to get the one company to go in, strip 10 layers of wallpaper off, paint the whole house white, rip up swirly maroon carpets, buff the floor boards, replace the skirting boards, replace the doors, light switches, new front door, new windows???

LadyLiffey Fri 16-Jan-09 15:41:01

Sorry, that was no help, but just bumping.

missingtheaction Fri 16-Jan-09 15:43:22

Sarah Beeny did a book Price That Job it's a bit out of date but would give you a good idea of costs.

If you are renovating you ought to think electrical too - putting more power points in, wall lights, if you other-hang doors then moving light switches to the other side etc. Also moving radiators/replacing old ones with new ones that are more efficient.

wombleprincess Fri 16-Jan-09 18:18:40

ok so we have a three bedroom house, but its a fairly large period property. we stripped wallpaper which then necessitated plastering, painted, recarpeted three bedrooms, stairs, landing, sanded and varnished floor boards (about 18 sq m worth), new central heating system, one new bathroom, ripped out gas fireplace and replaced with open fire, changed all light switches and sockets, installed 18x recessed spotlights. didnt touch ensuite, kitchen, dining room... £20k all in. i didnt skimp on the fixtures and fittings, and i reckon you could save a bit on that

lalalonglegs Fri 16-Jan-09 19:02:24

Sorry, didn't read it was "forever" house - in that case, I would say, spend as much as you can to get it right the first time. Agree that you should get electrics done especially if you are pulling house apart for other reasons (pulling up boards for plumbing/heating or stripping many layers of paper). £1000 per room (unless you can do everything yourself) will be pretty basic so extrapolate from that how much you want to spend on finishes etc.

wrinklytum Fri 16-Jan-09 19:15:36

We have a 3 bed semi that we bought in 2001 and have just finished renovating.It hadn't been touched since 1980 something.

Bearing in mind dp is a joiner and did some work himself and we know a lot of people in the trade I guess we spent the following.

Full rewire (A guvvy job hence £900
fGCH £1,500
Damp proofing £400
Full kitchen units refitted £700 for materials,dp fitted it.Wooden flooring £100 Dp fitted it.
Full bathroom refit including materials and plastering £1000
Garden,quite large area(HORRIBLY OVERGROWN) put paving and high wooden fence,again dp did most of it,I helped with the digging and grunt work,plus plants £800
Front garden,put down visquene and gravel and new fence £200
Loft conversion £4000
Living room,plastering and architrave and painting £300
3 bedrooms replastered £300
Fascias,soffits and roof vents.Got a company in £1000
New d/g back door and 2 kitchen windows £800.


Having said that when we bought the house we did get a bargain cos it needed so much doing.

chatee Fri 16-Jan-09 20:01:09

thanks everyone,have been and viewed the outside-change that plan- i think everything will need replacing but have booked to go view the insidehmm

dh having panic attacksgrin

lalalonglegs Fri 16-Jan-09 20:39:39

wrinklytum - you got a loft conversion for £4000 and had your bedrooms replastered for £300? Blimey, can I have your dp's contact book please? grin

gemmiegoatlegs Fri 16-Jan-09 20:43:49

we did it for about 8 grand, but I would have liked posher carpets etc. seemed counter-productive with two under 5s. that paid for carpets, blinds/curtains, paint and wallpaper throughout, new kitchen, new bathroom, we still need to do the garden. That might be another £500-1000. Most of the work was just cosmetic and it seemed a bloody huge job when we first saw it. In fact it seemed insurmountable but in reality took us two months of working flat out. We did all the work ourselves except fitting carpets so that saved us some cash obviously. Don't be frightened, its great fun and everything is completely yours at the end of the day.

OHBollox Sat 17-Jan-09 21:18:22

We've spent around £20k on ours and it's still not finished, unless you are a builder or very good at DIY I'd budget at least £20,000.

Onlyaphase Sat 17-Jan-09 21:22:43

Likewise, have spent about £22k so far on moving stud walls and doorways, plastering 5 rooms, new kitchen, new shower room and bathroom, paint and so far 7 new blinds and one carpet. We have to recarpet/wooden floors for the remaining rooms, stairs and hall, and still have our bedroom to do.

LynetteScavo Sat 17-Jan-09 21:35:25

DH has said £20K - and he tends to know these things.

chatee Wed 28-Jan-09 19:13:39

just bumping this as our property is now "on the market"

and if we get an offer we are going to be 'slumming it' for a while in a shack soon to be dream home if our offer is accepted

renovationgroupedin Tue 13-Jan-15 21:03:00

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shesasillybitch Sat 01-Aug-15 17:02:45

sooo ?

enderwoman Sat 01-Aug-15 17:20:24

Depends how much you can do yourself.
Even if you can't plaster etc, you can save money by doing easy jobs like removing wallpaper /tiles etc yourself.

B and Q /Homebase etc tend to have 20% off sort of events on bank holidays weekends so we bought costly stuff like tiles and flooring then.
We also used B&Q van rental by the hour to take stuff to the tip or go to IKEA for stuff. (It was often cheaper to take stuff to the tip ourselves than to have tradesmen do it. )

There's a lot of tradespeople recommended on my local Facebook trading site. It's a good way to get customer recommendations and who to avoid. This summer I am having a sixth former do my gardening. A neighbour has a sixth former walking her dogs.

crumpet76 Sat 09-Dec-17 14:06:29

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