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Farrow & Ball paint colour - that divine greenish-grey...

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MrsSeanBean Mon 05-Jan-09 16:33:34

What is the shade typically used on exterior woodwork on older houses which works so well?

Is it vert de terre? Pigeon? Ball Green? Or even Stone White?

Maybe any are acceptable. But IME they vary greatly once actually applied.

Does anyone know?

CioccolataCalda Mon 05-Jan-09 16:36:28

I imagine it's the first or last one if you are after that yummy Cotswold look?
Will hang around as need to know too!

Littlefish Mon 05-Jan-09 16:37:45

We have vert de terre on our kitchen walls. It's definitely green. I absolutely adore it and surprisingly, it looks fab with our gun metal grey and shocking pink curtains. Sounds grim, I know, but it really does work.

MrsSeanBean Mon 05-Jan-09 16:44:34

Yes Cotswoldy is spot on Cioccolata!

CioccolataCalda Mon 05-Jan-09 16:45:41

mmm. lovely, I think that colour could be just right for my back door which needs a serious makeover!

MrsSeanBean Mon 05-Jan-09 16:46:59

Ooh yes Cioccolata, I am going for a stable door in the same vein.

MadameCastafiore Mon 05-Jan-09 16:49:24

Yes Vert de Terre is very green - lovely but not gray at all!

Piffle Mon 05-Jan-09 16:49:49

Lime White is scrummy too

MrsSeanBean Mon 05-Jan-09 16:57:47

Lime White nice but too pale for what I have in mind Piffle.

It's a definitely green shade I am envisaging but with a dull grey fort of 'flat' tone, ie not a vibrant green.

There is a house which has just the shade I'm after but I have so far resisted knocking on the door and asking. Maybe I should just do that?!

MrsSeanBean Mon 05-Jan-09 16:58:15

sort not fort!

Vamonos Mon 05-Jan-09 17:01:09

oooh that is my holy grail of paint colours, and I've never been able to find it sad

It's definitely not Vert de Terre (goes on quite dark green) - actually I've been through most of the Farrow and Ball testers trying to find it and haven't yet.

Having said that I was reading the Feb issue of BBC Homes and Antiques (don't laugh blush ) and there's something quite close to it (on page 40, if there's anyone out there as sad as me). It's on interior woodwork and is Farrow and Ball 'Green Stone' oil eggshell.

It's hard to tell from a photo obviously but it looks quite close, though possibly not quite greenish enough...

treedelivery Mon 05-Jan-09 17:02:20

Please do that MrsSeanBean - maybe it will be a BandQ job then I might be able to have some too grin

I know exactly the shade you mean.

Vamonos Mon 05-Jan-09 17:07:37

Hmmm 'Green Stone' doesn't seem to exist, on that website anyway hmm

Green Ground isn't the right shade either (used to have that in the kitchen) - it's not greyish enough.

The website colours aren't anything like the actual paint colours are they?

MrsSeanBean Mon 05-Jan-09 17:07:58

Righty ho, I will summon up courage and go door knocking when I am next in the vicinity. I mean, they can hardly be offended, surely, can they...? (As long as it's not a MNer... watch out for a thread entitled 'AIBU to be annoyed at a madwoman knocking on my door to ask about paint?') grin

Watch this thread and I will report back when I have done so.

Vamonos Mon 05-Jan-09 17:10:55

Yes, yes, go round there NOW!! grin

<holds breath...>

MrsSeanBean Mon 05-Jan-09 17:12:16

No don't Vamanos, you will pass out, I can't go until tomorrow at the earliest. grin

treedelivery Mon 05-Jan-09 17:13:52

Noooooo go now!! The whole of mumsnet awaits.....

mrsmaidamess Mon 05-Jan-09 17:14:09

I think its 'light blue'.

JolieGirl Mon 05-Jan-09 17:14:18

French gray? But it's more green than grey oddly

Vamonos Mon 05-Jan-09 17:17:28

okaaaaaay <exhales>

At least you have a good excuse for going now, you can say the whole of Mumsnet asked you to - that will make you sound much less like a loony lady wink

MrsSeanBean Mon 05-Jan-09 17:19:02

Hmm had not considered the blues. But with F&B paints the name is usually pretty meaningless flexible so it could be.

Watch this space!

Vamonos Mon 05-Jan-09 17:24:16

oh dear we are not alone (Country Living website too, oh the shame...)

Country Living

This comment sounds oddly familiar too hmm "My husband is starting to object to the number of samples I have now ended up with."

mrsmaidamess Mon 05-Jan-09 17:24:56

Light blue is a divine greenish grey, I have it on my bedroom walls, but have never seen it as an oil based paint.

MrsSeanBean Mon 05-Jan-09 17:28:38

Useful sources there Vamanos.

It could be that we are barking up the wrong tree with F&B entirely, but being the Cotswolds I doubt it. One thing's for sure, it ain't gonna be 'Wilko Value'! Bleurrgh at some of the paint choices in there, [fshame] that I <whisper> frequent Wilko in the first place... but loo roll is loo roll.

MrsSeanBean Mon 05-Jan-09 17:31:28

BTW before I door-knock I will try to take a photo as discreetly as I can, then I can post it on my profile with the appropriate shade name. smile

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