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A bidet - yes or no?

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Quattrocento Fri 02-Jan-09 16:07:15

Redoing main bathroom and changing things around. Am wondering about a bidet. I would rather like to have one - dd thinks the idea is rather revolting and the boys are keeping well out of the debate (whistling and trying to pretend they did not hear the word bidet).

So then, a bidet, yes or no? Would it put you off the bathroom if you were a hypothetical purchaser?

pointydog Mon 05-Jan-09 16:41:15

it has been a funny thread, blu.

And that box of moist ones - I wouldn't be able to stop myself picturing him wiping and looking and wiping again and drying and looking.

MadameCastafiore Mon 05-Jan-09 16:44:04

Everytime DS sees bidet he exclaims - look and italian toilet and pees in it - only time he has seen one is on holiday - I think they are a bit passee now - whats wrong with wiping your asre properly I ask you?

MrsSeanBean Mon 05-Jan-09 17:22:21

This leads me to think there is room for a 'wiping' thread. Don't look at me btw.

MrsSeanBean Mon 05-Jan-09 18:18:57

<<threadkiller bean strikes again>>

Ignore that post and carry on, please don't mind me. I can't help myself.


francagoestohollywood Tue 06-Jan-09 20:08:43

Blu, I hope you are all right? smile

Blu Wed 07-Jan-09 15:19:57

aw - thank you Franca!
I am in KBO (keep buggering on) mode after christmas with child mid surgery, mum with broken arm, me with broken finger and endless petty domestic expenses and irritations! A good laugh works wonders, and I'm ok smile

snowleopard Wed 07-Jan-09 15:32:52

Have absolutely laughed myself to tears at this thread.

I used to think they were weird and pointless, but now having experienced pregnancy and birth I can totally see their usefulness. And would quite like one, if my bathroom wasn't the size of a piece of toast.

What's with all this "oh no just one look at it makes you think of shitty bums and claggy fanjos" etc? Well OK but in what way does that make it any different from a plain old toilet? What do you think goes on on them, eh? Considerably worse you must admit. At least bidets are just for cleaning your crack not collecting its emanations.

francagoestohollywood Wed 07-Jan-09 15:44:33

Well said snowleopard!

Oh dear Blu, sounds like you have a lot on your plate at the moment! I hope your ds is coping well with surgery etc and keeping cheerful.

MeAndMyMonkey Wed 07-Jan-09 16:06:15

I have a bidet which I must confess is used to house a stack of magazines, for those who like loo-side reading material blush.

However, thanks to Franca's wonderful explanations, I am going to reclaim my bidet with pride! Off to wash it now ready for the grand opening (no pun intended)... grin

pointydog Wed 07-Jan-09 19:10:11

lol @ grand opening - var funny

MuchLessTiredNow Wed 07-Jan-09 19:13:00

my inlaws have one and until I read this thread, thought they were the only people in the world who used one 'properly' - have to say, when I caught ds2 washing his hands in it and drying them with the brown towel kept by the bidet [bleuurgh] - I moved him sharpish

4dadnotmum Tue 08-Jul-14 15:25:29

We have a bidet and could not do without one. To the point that our holiday accommodation searches include a bidet along with a view, pool, toddler friendly and near a beach.
Much more hygienic than just using toilet paper.
We totally renovated our holiday cottage and included one, this has been a major plus for guests booking from European countries. We must be the only ones in the Falmouth area that have one! We tried to get a wall-hung model to match the toilet but in UK they are not so easy to find since they are not popular.
Get one with a mixer tap and directional nozzle and use liquid soap for convenience.
Still not sure if you want one? Book your next holiday where there is one so your whole family can try it out and see the difference.

user1474715129 Sat 24-Sep-16 12:14:49

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