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I want to decorate my living room..

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SparklyGothKat Sun 28-Dec-08 01:36:50

We moved into this house 2 years ago, it was a new build and we are the first people to live here.
We put up wallpaper on one wall in living room and left the other walls as they were (magolia (sp?)) The paint the builders used is crap and if I wipe the walls it takes the paint off. So want to decorate it.
The kitchen is a stone coloured paint with chocolate brown on the dining area wall. The hall, stairs and landing are a light coffee colour, so don't want nothing too dark. I have wooden flooring and a brown leather sofa. But I don;t know what I want. I like the flowery paper thats about atm like this but not sure if Dh would like it.. and what colour paint would go with it? I hate not knowing what I want lol

snoopdog Sun 28-Dec-08 01:45:22

boring info,

the paint the builders used was not crap,

it is necessary as your house was a new build,

it will come off the walls if wiped,

it is trade paint, breatheable paint,

a new build contains loads of water, mostly from the freshly plastered walls and ceilings,

it takes time for it to dry out and shrink to normal,

you will be more than ok decorating now,

we say to our cumsomers not to wallpaper or decorate for at least 12 months,

lol at my boring info, late night post grin

SparklyGothKat Sun 28-Dec-08 01:47:35

lol, I know we were not allowed to decorate for a year, we waited a year before doing anything. But its looking grubby now, so needs doing

snoopdog Sun 28-Dec-08 01:50:24

sounds similar to my house

i just put this up in the bedroom but is suitable for the living room,


it was quite cheap and i got it coulour matched for paint,

love it,

really warm and chilled

snoopdog Sun 28-Dec-08 01:51:53

doesnt show it too well on the pic,

it is brown and cream and gold and coffe and there are some discreat metalic bits,


SparklyGothKat Sun 28-Dec-08 01:51:57

one of my neighbours was decorating within weeks of moving in. I told her she shouldn't be decorating for a year, but she didn't listen. We put up a wall of wallpaper last year in the living room, to break it up at a bit, but I need to paint the walls now..

SparklyGothKat Sun 28-Dec-08 01:53:43

I like that.. the wallpaper we currently have is white with different sized circles patterns on it, really nice but looking grubby and it doesn't wipe clean hmm

snoopdog Sun 28-Dec-08 01:55:05

mine is very like yours i think,

just with a little more colour

SparklyGothKat Sun 28-Dec-08 01:56:12

I think a trip to B&Q is in order... Dh doesn't know yet hehe

snoopdog Sun 28-Dec-08 01:59:14

it is really nice,

and i am not a 'flowerly person'

i think it was about £10 a roll,

i have this and it is a perfect match

SparklyGothKat Sun 28-Dec-08 02:02:25

Am not a flowery person either. My living room is quite small (17ftx12ft) with a 6ft window so have to be careful what colours I use.

Am off to bed now, but thanks for showing me your wallpaper, I actually really like that..

deste Mon 29-Dec-08 19:57:33

If you find a paper with a pattern and light background, get the shop to match your paint to the background colour. That usually looks quite good.

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