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How to protect a photographic mural/wallpaper?

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franch Thu 18-Dec-08 17:36:42

I have read about varnish for wallpaper, but as I am investing in a photographic mural/wallpaper which will go next to the kitchen table, will we need something more heavy duty? I thought about a layer of perspex or something (we used to have a panel of this next to our dog's basket when I was a child), but that may be OTT and maybe too big an area?

franch Fri 19-Dec-08 08:42:16


crazyloon1 Fri 19-Dec-08 08:45:03


yes I think a thin perspex would be ideal.

I would like some wallpaper varnish, can I ask you about that please!?

Ours is quite fragile paper and gets marked a lot in the dining room.

What is your photo by the way, sounds v exciting! smile

franch Fri 19-Dec-08 09:05:37

Thanks crazy! The wallpaper varnish is called Polyvine I think.

I'm getting the photo wallpaper mural thingy from Surface View - one of the grassy ones, as the kitchen table is right next to French doors out into the garden

crazyloon1 Fri 19-Dec-08 13:26:12

Wow, they are stunning aren't they?

Polyvine, will ask about it at our local shop. Thankyou smile

franch Sat 20-Dec-08 12:21:25

Pleasure - let me know how you get on

bluesky Fri 09-Jan-09 20:44:44

these are amazing! I love the trees and the woodland ones, and the pink blossom!

Are you fitting it yourself franch, or are they going to do it for you?

Mich995 Wed 17-Apr-13 13:22:08

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Mominatrix Wed 17-Apr-13 13:31:04

Those are fantastic. I don't think that you would need a varnish as it does say that they are sealed. My greatest concern, particularly due to the fact that it is a photographic mural, is UV protection. There are some UV protection perspex, but based on experience, they are just OK in performance (as I unfortunately discovered). They perform adequately if the image is in a partially exposed spot, but not a very exposed one.

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