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how much will a new porch cost?

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stardazzle Wed 10-Dec-08 10:40:37

anyone have an approx idea?

stardazzle Wed 10-Dec-08 12:43:38


stardazzle Wed 10-Dec-08 19:25:22


southeastastra Wed 10-Dec-08 19:26:33


stardazzle Wed 10-Dec-08 20:23:47

someone must have had one b uilt recently

morningpaper Wed 10-Dec-08 20:25:54

we had a quote for £800 to put a new glass door and windows (bespoke wood) on an existing open brick porch

stardazzle Wed 10-Dec-08 20:34:46


we've got an old cronky wooden porch and would like it replacing with low brick walls and PVC top.

BodenGroupie Tue 16-Dec-08 22:02:41

We want a cronky wooden porch wink to go with our cronky house, but you can get kits on eBay for what you're describing.

amess Fri 19-Dec-08 13:04:26

We had one built a few years ago estimates ranged from 2,000 to 20,000 I kid you not! We went with 2,500 and regret it.

CaptainKarvol Fri 19-Dec-08 13:07:47

We had our shabby wooden porch replaced with just what you're describing - low brick walls and double glazed windows/door. Cost about 2.5K IIRC.

It's fine - decent local company, also did patio doors at the back for us at the same time.

That didn't include finishing the flooring btw, as I had very definite ideas about the tiles I wanted and poor DH was lumbered with doing them to my exacting standards, wheras the company only offered laminate or lino'd floors.

Bubbaloo Sun 21-Dec-08 22:17:03

We're having our windows and porch replaced next month and the porch is costing £2,200-fully double glazed with wood grain effect inside and out.

Bubbaloo Sun 21-Dec-08 22:19:10

Sorry,I didn't read OP properly.We're not having a porch made-it's just being replaced.

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