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Northamptonshire, help! advice needed as relocating there!

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spongecake Fri 05-Dec-08 20:53:27

i would be very grateful if anyone knows the rushton and surrounding area to let me know what its like and where is a nice place to live. where to avoid would be useful. i have a ds age 1.5 and a lo on the way!

shelleyloukissessantaselves Fri 05-Dec-08 23:25:20

Rushton afaik is fairly quiet dont know fi theres any areas to avoid. Desborough isnt to bad either last time i was there. Is there anywhere you need easy access to? As there are a few villages round there Pipewell is one that comes to the top of my head. Im in kettering myself so about 15 minute drive or so but havent visited rushton for quite some time

spongecake Sat 06-Dec-08 20:27:09

thanks, thats v helpful i am going for a drive round next week so will have a good look about

shelleyloukissessantaselves Sat 06-Dec-08 20:49:35

Just to add there isnt any supermarkets in either both have a small town centre. The closest supermarkets and a larger selection of shops is in kettering.

fudgie01 Tue 06-Jan-09 22:04:19

Hi, my family are relocating to Kettering as well very soon. I typed in the question and this came up. I wonder if you could recommend any good primary/secondary schools in Kettering near St Peters Ave. Is Kettering a nice place with lots of open places for children ie, parks, play areas etc... Do you know if this area is a 'nice' part of Kettering? I have been told there are some not nice and very nice parts, I live over 4 hrs away so I would really appreciate some advice.

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