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home improvement costs - i have no idea!

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citybranch Sun 02-Nov-08 13:01:09

We have set aside £30k to improve the house we have bought, and now i'm worrying it won't be nearly enough!
I'd like:

old sunroom demolished (2.24m by 3.5m)

old chimney in corner removed

new single storey extension, with kitchen fitted (3.5m by 3.5 maybe), french doors onto garden

opening knocked in between dining room/lounge and interior dividing doors fitted

old kitchen (2.76 by 1.71) made into shower room. Partition wall will need to be put up as at the moment is open onto dining room, and door from hall put in.

am i being far too optimistic? i have no idea what to expect with costs!

LIZS Sun 02-Nov-08 17:40:23

We were quoted over 20k for a conservatory style extension proably the size of the on you are hoping for , without any fittings/finishes etc. so 30k for all that (incl vat) seems rather optimistic. Chimney may well need reinforcing if supporting load above .

mrsmaidamess Sun 02-Nov-08 17:42:12

I think 30k might get your extension, no more.

mejon Sun 02-Nov-08 18:15:12

We were planning on doing work to our current house - a dormer bungalow that was last 'modernised' in the late 60s. We were replacing the roof and having new dormers, moving the bathroom upstairs and doing a little internal re-jigging downstairs. We estimated around £60K. The 3 quotes our architect got were for between £125K and £140K. We could build a whole new house for less! Needless to say we've changed our plans and are moving instead!

Tinker Sun 02-Nov-08 19:54:49

Doesn't it just mean they don't want the work when the estimates are that high? I'm saying that having had the same conversation today about whether to do extension or just move.

chocolateteapot Sun 02-Nov-08 20:11:35

I would be able to get that done for your budget with my builder (though would be a nervous wreck at the end of it !)

He charges approx £1000 per square metre for extension so call it 15k including french doors (bulk standard plain white PVC ones)plus about 5k for kitchen and fitting -he passes on his Howden discount, I found the rest of appliances by shopping around in sales etc. Total 20k

Sunroom demolishing I'm not sure about as haven't had anything major knocked down, just a wall. But I'm guessing including taking stuff away would be 2k. Suspect getting rid of the bricks etc will add up. Chimney about 1k depending on structural support needed. Subtotal 22k

2k for opening up dining room/lounge, dividing doors and supporting beam. Subtotal 24k

Partitioning, rough guess max of 1k. My downstairs toilet cost £1300 including moving a wall and partitioning so would say for a shower room I'd allow 3.5k depending on the plumbing situation, total at 27.5k I think.

However he is very cheap and I'm sure I'd have to pay a fair bit on top to someone else. He's doing some partitioning and blocking in doors this week. His will come to approx £600 including plastering, the other quote was £1045, so quite a difference. It also depends a lot on where you live as well. You really need to shop around and get recommendations from people you know.

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