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The MICE. They are in my walls...I can hear them right now...

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PavlovtheWitchesCat Fri 31-Oct-08 17:45:48

I have been decorating. The cats are no-where to be seen. I am sat on the opposite side of the front room and have a pile of furniture in the way.

There is a knocking noise, like dried pasta being dropped on the floor one by one. AND I am worried that this mouse is not inside the walls anymore, but is in my living room.

My feet are up on the edge of the computer desk, my heart is pounding. I am stuck, phobias are clearly not a good thing. Especially when I have to finish the painting.

Would some one pop over and take a it there? What am I going to do?

PavlovtheWitchesCat Fri 31-Oct-08 17:46:56

OH MY will never guess what I have just seen....

PavlovtheWitchesCat Fri 31-Oct-08 17:52:40

Does no-one care? I nearly had a heart attack...

travellingwilbury Fri 31-Oct-08 17:55:27

Go on then I am listening

I heard one in my walls today too and one of my delightful dcs had dropped some toast on the floor and it was moving , the bloody mouse had it by the corner .

I made lots of noise and promised myself to do more housework

travellingwilbury Fri 31-Oct-08 18:12:10

I am still waiting to hear wink

Was it a lemur ?

PavlovtheWitchesCat Fri 31-Oct-08 18:35:24

It was...
my fuckng cat playing with a bit of dried pasta!!! blush grin

DD had dropped it, god know when, and my cat was under the sofa, unbeknown to me. And he was batting a bit of pasta.

How stupid! However, they are both now sniffing the floor by the skirting, and every now and then our female cat keeps silently brushing past me and I am jumping every time I feel it!!

Romy7 Fri 31-Oct-08 18:39:25

we had one nesting in the wall behind the sofa, at ear level when you were sitting down... scritch scritch scritch whilst you were trying to watch eastenders.
short of ripping the wall apart we just had to listen to it. it drove me to distraction.

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