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engineered board floor in a kitchen? Anyone got one?

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midnightexpress Wed 29-Oct-08 10:08:42

We've been round the houses trying ot to decide on a floor for our kitchen, via rubber, lino and have come back to wood.

Most of the rest of the house has a high-spec, chunky engineered board (ie wood top layer) - I know it's not recommended for kitchens, but I was wondering if anyone has a floor like this in their kitchen and if it's been OK.

LadyLaGore Wed 29-Oct-08 10:12:28

i have a solid wood floor in my kitchen. cant see why engineered wouldnt work... how thick is the top layer? if its high spec it should be fine enough, no?

i do like rubber mind [purr]

KristinaM Wed 29-Oct-08 10:16:27

i also have solid wood in kitchen and its fab

stillstanding Wed 29-Oct-08 10:17:40

I have one and it is great. We were going with solid wood but then decided to get underfloor heating which was not compatible with solid wood and so went with engineered boards. It looks wonderful and is perfect for the kitchen (unless I suppose you hose it down regularly wink. I would say tho that ours is relatively high spec and I suspect that some of the cheaper products may be less forgiving.

midnightexpress Wed 29-Oct-08 12:10:08

thanks for all the responses. I too like rubber ladylagore, but even buying cheaper rubber off the internet I think we'd need to get a sub-floor laid and it seems really expensive. We're on a bit of a budget so think we will probably just go for the wood. The stuff we have in the hallway is really chunky with quite a think top layer so I think it'll be fine.

Thanks again for the info.

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