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House featured in Grand Designs for sale

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TheBlonde Thu 23-Oct-08 08:33:22

£1,895,000 for a 4 bedroom detached

the curved house

Mad to sell in this market so what went wrong?

southeastastra Thu 23-Oct-08 08:34:32

so they spend £££ building their dream house, piss off all the neighbours then sell it hmm

TheBlonde Thu 23-Oct-08 08:35:57

The neighbours are a couple of big council estates

PerkinWarbeck Thu 23-Oct-08 08:38:39

I remember that one - it's right in the middle of the Clapham Park Estate. Which isn't the worst place on earth, but I can think of places I'd rather live if I had £1.9mil.

Jampot Thu 23-Oct-08 10:59:53

its like our local Arts Centre

FimboGotAxed Thu 23-Oct-08 11:14:55

It says on the C4 website it cost £230k to build??

Also if you go to page 3 on the C4 link, they have there own website. They sell stuff!

FimboGotAxed Thu 23-Oct-08 11:15:13


FimboGotAxed Thu 23-Oct-08 11:16:35

Ah just seen they needed another £120k

lalalonglegs Thu 23-Oct-08 14:08:02

Hmmm, a bit toppy even for Abbeville Village and big scary estate just behind. Also, reading details isn't actually a 4-bedroom house, it is two-bedroom and one of those rooms could be subdivided... Cool windows though.

TheBlonde Thu 23-Oct-08 22:48:19

the website says they christened the astroturf with a home birth grin

Skramble Thu 23-Oct-08 22:51:38

Don't think I would have let the estate agent put pics of my leather sex sling/ hammock on the advert.

Cauldronfrau Thu 23-Oct-08 22:54:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LynetteScavo Thu 23-Oct-08 22:57:01

It's a bit too municiple for me.

popmum Thu 23-Oct-08 23:00:40

this one was on grand designs as well in oxford

Tinker Thu 23-Oct-08 23:03:54

It's horrible. All the rooms look like corridors.

lalalonglegs Fri 24-Oct-08 09:54:17

At the risk of sounding like a mother who has been at home with a small baby watching too much More4, I remember that one as well. Completely hideous - owner was a wally and architect should have been shot at dawn.

filz Fri 24-Oct-08 09:56:32

curved windows are an expense to replace

SunshineSmith Fri 24-Oct-08 10:00:58


Not a chance - they will get that amount of cash!
I bet you that by Christmas is down 300K!

ViolentSlasherFlickFemme Fri 24-Oct-08 10:03:18

Ooooh at the Oxford one up for sale. I'll ask some friends to go and have a nosey.

FAQ Fri 24-Oct-08 10:22:17

the london one is horrible - but I quite like the look of the Oxford one

interstella71 Fri 24-Oct-08 13:13:47

Both horrid, Oxford bloke was a property developer twat with succession of pretty girlfriends!

artichokes Sat 25-Oct-08 17:43:57

The Oxford one looks hugely overpriced to me. More than a million above market value I would say.

MingMingtheWonderPet Sat 25-Oct-08 17:50:59

Wonder where they are hoping to move to?

Not my kind of thing, so will not be putting in an offer (oh yeah, and I can't afford it either)

nooOOOoonki Sat 25-Oct-08 17:51:21

that is built on my Middle school shock

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