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I am finally going to paint the hall tomorrow.

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FuriousGeorge Wed 08-Oct-08 22:10:34

I've put up with grubby,chipped paintwork,cracked plaster and old lady floral borders for too long.I've got all the stuff I need,so don't need to go out anywhere.So I have no excuse.Therefore if you see me posting on here before 4.30pm,tell me to get on with it and stop timewastinggrin.

mumoverseas Thu 09-Oct-08 06:03:03

FG, hope you are not reading this before 4.30pm! I will be checking! Good on you and good luck! I had enough of my hall a few years ago and just got on with it after years of nagging my ex husband. Only thing I regretted was starting painting the woodwork. Once I did the skirting board I had to do the dado rail, and the doors, and the bannisters......... took forever!

Furball Thu 09-Oct-08 06:58:30

I'm in the same boat - I've stripped the woodwork (it was 40 years worth of gloss) painted 2 coats on the dark magnolia ceiling (it still needs another coat) and painted the walls twice and that needs another coat. It's really hard to keep motivated with it but I'm getting there.

GOOD LUCK with yours - top tip buy an electric sander (ours was called 'a mouse' and about £30) and sand the walls well.

isgrassgreener Thu 09-Oct-08 17:12:19

Oh I love my mouse, use it for all sorts of things, infact I'm on my second one as I used the first so much it broke grin

FuriousGeorge Thu 09-Oct-08 20:36:08

Well apart from the school run,I didn't leave the house all day.I patched up all the holes in the plaster & did the landing, bathroom & toilet too,whilst I'd got the kit out.The floral border is gone,but it took ages,goodness only knows what they glued it on with.The woodwork is washed down and ready to paint tomorrow.

Thanks for reminding me-we do have a mouse.I just need to buy some more sandpaper for it & a dust mask for me.

The hall looks so much better already.Even dh noticed when he came in.Once the dd's were home,I couldn't really do much more,so went out & tidied the garden until tea time.Now I'm making a draught excluder for the front door-not a sausage dog or tartan snake,much to dh's disappointment,but a tasteful duck egg blue one.grin

I'm determined to get it all done by Sunday.

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