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Recommended places to live near Dunfermline anyone???

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SLC1972 Tue 07-Oct-08 23:33:04


My partner and I are due to start new jobs in Dunfermline soon and will need to relocate from Glasgow with our 9 month old son. We don't know the area too well and wondered if anyone could recommend which parts of Dunfermline or its outskirts to look for decent housing and more importantly the possibility of local activities and childminding for our son. We live in a great neighborhood just now where we can meet and chat with people we know on the street daily and I'd love to find this again and live near to other families (our parents live in Ireland and England so we can feel a bit isolated). We drive, so a short commute to Dunf city not a problem. Also, any recommendations on nannies, childminders would be much appreciated too. Many thanks, Stephanie

inscotland Wed 08-Oct-08 10:58:04


I am just 2 miles outside Dunfermline.

I think it will depend on what type of house you like! We have the Eastern Expansion which is all new houses by Barrat, Wimpey etc. There are brand new schools there, together with a Tesco, pub/restaurant and various other little shops. There have been some issues with numbers of children getting into schools there recently but that is something you can look at if new type houses are your thing.

If not, you have mining villages on the outskirts (one of which I am). If you have a look at and look up places such as Gowkhall, Carnock, Comrie, Saline, Charlestown, Cairneyhill, Culross and Limekilns these are all lovely places with a variety of shops, community centres etc.

I don't know much about schools there though.

If you can give me an indication of what style of house you are looking at it would be easier.

If you do like the new style ones search for Dover Heights, Fergusson Road, Dover Drive and that will give you an idea of the types of new built available. There are thousands of new builds at the Eastern Expansion though so it may not be your cup of tea.

eilidhfi Thu 09-Oct-08 10:29:28

The house nextdoor to me is for sale

The villages that inscotland mentioned are all lovely and I think Cairneyhill Primary just got an award for something?! It was in the paper that I just threw out! Not sure what there is to do with wee ones in the villages though. We live in the centre of town and there's plenty to do here!

I think a couple of childminders posted of the Dunfermline Local topic. I'm still on mat leave so no firsthand experience.

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