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anyone know anything about Glow Worm boilers please? We have a fault.

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mckenzie Tue 07-Oct-08 15:05:58

I realise that this message is only going ot relevant to the fairly few mumsnetters who either are heating engineers or who have a partner who is a heating engineer but here goes......

Back in Amrch/April we had a problem with our boiler losing pressure. The screen shoing the number of bar would start flashing about 2.0 right down to 0.6, the red light would come on and we'd have no hot water or heating. We got the problem fixed by a local plumber recommended to us. It has beenf ine ever since. Or so we thought. We put the heating on for the first time this weekend and the problem has returned. Not that would tell me that there could be a leak in one of the radiators yes?? or no? When the fault occurs we go into the airing cupboard and turn a key that puts more water into the system. I can't find a puddle anywhere so far although I am about to go and do soem more checking.

Any ideas please very gratefully received. The call out charge for the boiler company is £250 but the fault might not be with the boiler!!


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