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Too much wood ?

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KatieDD Thu 02-Oct-08 12:48:06

I'm having an oak kitchen and currently have an Oak dining table, an oak side board, oak mirror, oak bookcase and oak desk all in three rooms leading to each other. With a duck egg blue and cream colour scheme and you guessed it oak flooring.
Does this sound daft ? I don't want to feel like i'm living in a wooden hut ?
I'd quite like something completely different in the living room or maybe the study but all this oak doesn't really go with deep purple and silver which is what I fancy.

charleymouse Thu 02-Oct-08 14:09:18

Sounds lovely Katie, I have an oak dining table, oak coffee table, oak lamp tables x2 oak console table, oak sideboard, oak shelf unit, oak flooring, oak skirting boards and oak architraves downstairs. Personally I thik it looks lovely.

I think oak as a natural product lends itself to going with most things to be honest. Although as I have just typed that I wondered if you meant natural oak or jacobean style dark oak. What colour is your oak?

I think oak goes well with silver and purple personally. How about you have something different but have something running through the house as well.

lalalonglegs Thu 02-Oct-08 14:37:40

You can always break the run of oak up with rugs,throws, cushions etc. You could get some fantastic, ott light fittings to punctuate the place. I wouldn't worry. Purple and silver sound good.

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