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Part - Exchange - has anyone done this...?

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chocolateshoes Thu 25-Sep-08 19:32:33

Am thinking this might be the way forward. There are 2 barn conversions done by developers in the village we want to move to and am going to enquire if they'll do part-ex. Has anyone ehre done this or have any advice please?


chocolateshoes Thu 25-Sep-08 20:37:02


MrsDougRoss Thu 25-Sep-08 20:39:19

we did it and it worked well for us, it was a couple of years ago and they did not offer too much below market value and made the paperwork etc really easy.

chocolateshoes Thu 25-Sep-08 21:00:46

that's good to hear...nothing I need to know then....? Am so hoping it is going to work!! Must calm down!

MrsDougRoss Thu 25-Sep-08 21:08:35

negotiate if you can, we were deperate to move and were notvery good at seling our house, also was at peak of the boom so did not drive a very hard bargin. Good luck

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