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sliding fitted wardrobe doors that arent mirrored, and not bank breaking prices?

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misdee Thu 25-Sep-08 10:28:15

is it possible?

we are moving to a place where all the frame work for the wardrobe is still there. which is fab. but need new doors and runners. am just scouting around and it seems everything i';ve found is mirrored. i dont want mirrors. i dont want to see a reflection of dh and havign sex, or waking up in the night and seeing a reflection of my awful state first thing (i am not attractive in the mornings, all puffy eyed and gunky)

anyone got any ideas on where to look?

meep Thu 25-Sep-08 10:34:24

the cheapest I found were here

I still haven't got round to ordering any because we need 5 so it will cost a lot!

i was thinking of getting a carpenter in and seeing how much it would cost to get MDF doors made - then we can just paint them white.

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