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Anyone got any idea how much a new external door should cost?

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docket Tue 23-Sep-08 16:42:32

I posted an ad on Rated People but only have one quote and am not sure if it is reasonable.

It's to fit a new external kitchen door (a wooden door with glass panel, the door is standard size so will be bought not made).

Have been quoted £850 for the door, the reinforced glass and labour and I have absolutely no idea whether this is what I should be paying.

Anyone have any idea?

Many thanks, Docket

docket Tue 23-Sep-08 17:11:25


CantSleepWontSleep Tue 23-Sep-08 17:22:49

Hard or soft wood? Frame being replaced too or just door? Inc VAT or ex?

JackieNo Tue 23-Sep-08 17:25:59

I think ours was a good £700 and then some (can't remember exactly - we were having an extension done, and got them to do this too). A lot more than I thought it would be, really.

docket Tue 23-Sep-08 17:26:10

Hard wood and just the door and bottom sill. Inc VAT

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 23-Sep-08 17:30:10

Well door itself iro £150, so I'd say it's a bit steep tbh.

That said, we're about to pay £1240 for a new front door, but it's made of a solid wood core with a UPVC skin (easier maintenance - no painting required!), as well as having glass panels and the whole frame is being replaced too, so much more work.

docket Tue 23-Sep-08 18:00:35

Hmmmm, it does seem steep.

Thanks very much!

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