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Damp rented accommodation - what would you do?

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saramoon Sat 20-Sep-08 22:15:19

Ok, we have never been able to afford to buy a house (looking into keyworker scheme at the mo)and have been living in our current rented accommodation for nearly a year. We are living in a nice area with good schools (part of the reason we moved here although we only lived down the road before but this house is nearly £100 cheaper a month) but the house is damp. And getting damper. When we first moved in at the end of November last year it wasn't too bad but it is pretty bad now. We have 2 dds (2 and 3) and my mum is constantly saying that it isn't good for them and that the landlord should do something about it.

When i say damp I mean some of the walls feel damp in the dining room and the pictures we have put up in there are going funny. The bathroom is damp and the walls at one end are quite black - but you can kind of rub it off. The cupboards in the bathroom feel a bit damp too - v annoying as all the towels are in there as well as bedding. Our bedroom has a big patch of damp on one of the walls and i remember the wall by my daughter's bed feeling wet last winter.

Is this really bad? The thing is the rent is v cheap for the area. When we moved in, the landlord told us it was so cheap cos there is no proper central heating (gas fires downstairs and two storage heaters up) and only the front of the house is double glazed. The house also hasn't got a fitted kitchen and it is a bit shabby. We actually really like the house - lovely garden and big light rooms but i'm getting a bit concerned. I know the landlord will not fix the problem, it will cost him a fortune but should i contact him about it? The last lady who lived here told me she left cos she was so fed up of the damp - she was picking up her post last December.
We couldn't afford to rent another house in the area and have family nearby. Also with keyworker scheme MAY be able to buy in the next couple of years - if prices continue to fall. Should we just stick with it or complain? Sorry so blooming long.

expatinscotland Sat 20-Sep-08 22:16:44

We have the same problem.

We're just sticking with it because we'll be moving next year.

FrockHorror Sat 20-Sep-08 22:19:29

I personally would complain, but this is where complaining has got me hmm

swottybetty Sat 20-Sep-08 22:20:34

complain complain complain. if it doesnt get fixed, move out. its coming up to winter and will only get worse. i lived in a damp rented flat for two years, and me and dh got really ill. when we moved out, loads of the stuff we had stored in the spare room was ruined - clothes, books, records. spores are dangerous, you have young kids. whatsmore, you will start to smell and not realise it blush. our landlady wouldnt fix. she just gave us dehumidifiers. the buckets would fill in three days hmm. mind you, this is the same landlady who who took money off our deposit for lightbulbs... we didnt take the lightbulbs....

saramoon Sun 21-Sep-08 09:51:35

OMG Frockhorror that is terrible. I think I might write the landlord a letter, I know though that cos it is private rent that he will prob do f* all. Every landlord we have had has been such a wanker. Would love to move but we have moved so much in the last few years and just want to be settled.

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