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blingin gold kitchen lady another question :) (ooh and another Q about stairs !)

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mamazee Mon 15-Sep-08 22:34:09

so we are at the ...'actually a gold kitchen is gonna rock' stage. have got tester cards from craig and rose..great gold colours. we haven't got any testers yet because we suddenly thought about the finish ?presuming we prime really well anyways should we spray it or paint it ?
i am on the paint it side (easier, less toxic, don't have to take cupboard doors off, don't have to varnish over it, much cheaper. ) but dp reckons that unless the finish is perfect it will look rubbish ?
any experience of this ?

also we have tried stripping the stairs down and the stain is really really difficult to get off. has anyone painted the front part white and left the rest wood...any experiences ?? does the white bit get really dirty and scuffed ?

also my dp wants a runner on the stairs and i hate them...he says it will be too noisy...
will it ???? even if we all take shoes off at the door ?

thanks for sticking with it to the end

noddyholder Tue 16-Sep-08 09:02:04

You do have to take the doors off whichever you do.Spraying unprofessionally is very messy.A combination of brush and roller is best.remove all hardware too.Love runners on stairs

GooseyLoosey Tue 16-Sep-08 09:10:10

Have painted risers and treads on stairs white and spindles and just sanded bannister. It did look good, but I did have to sweep the stairs every day and often touch up chips in the paint (I had a match pot I kept in the cupboard so it was not really much of a chore).

I have painted lots of kitchen cupboards, but was never looking for a smooth glossy effect so normal paint worked just fine - not sure you would ever get a completely smooth finish though. Must say, have spray painted cars and its very hard to use and get a run free finish.

mamazee Tue 16-Sep-08 21:00:08

aah roller noddy good thinking. i just realised i was gonna have to take the doors off to.
reckon paint is gonna do it...thanks
goose...did you find your stairs noisy ?

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