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HELP! Advice on massively mouldy newly erected wooden garden gate. YUK!

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lynniep Fri 12-Sep-08 16:30:22

We had a brand new garden gate put up just two months ago. I was so excited - our old one was hanging off the hinges and was so unsafe with our toddler running around. (How sad am I to be thrilled over a gate lol)

Anyway, new one duly fitted - good job done. It rained that week so never put any wood protector on, then forgot about the job for a few more weeks. Realised there was a sort of light green mould all down the panels. Found some mould remover for wood, so applied and tried to brush off the mould.

However it hasnt gone. Its just become ridiculous and its obviously right through the panels. Its everywhere - a lot of the wood has gone black and there are black spores growing. I've re-applied the mould preventor/remover but no joy. I can't paint with mould underneath it right? And I'm not sure I have a leg to stand on with the company who fitted it because I didnt protect the gate with any paint (although they didnt say I had to but then I guess they shouldnt have to)

Do you think I can complain as they supplied the gate (its a big one - 6 foot high)or is it really nothing to do with them. After all the gate fitting is fine and I did get the cheapest gate. And this is a weather issue?

And can I paint over mould? or what else can I do? It cost so much - I'm gutted sad

lynniep Fri 12-Sep-08 17:40:36


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