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OK really minor one - Brand new bathroom, top of the range luxury, black slate floor, huge bath, walk in shower etc. Tooth brush holder???

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Crunchie Thu 11-Sep-08 22:22:42

We could go obvious and get a chrome/white thing, but I am thinking a cut glass tankard and mismatching decanters full or bath oils etc. Basically a window sill with kitsch glass in a fab 'hotel style' bathroom

Daft or inspired??

I can pik up tankards/decanters for next to nothing on ebay, or check out carboot etc, they will be cheaper than fancy bathroom accessories and unique.

I was looking for some fab bathroom products but done like the packaging!!!

primigravida Thu 11-Sep-08 23:46:41

Go for what you like and see how it looks, it can be hard to imagine how these things look. If it doesn't work - have a look for the chrome/white things on ebay? You can always use the decanters/tankards for their proper purpose or as vases if they don't look good in the bathroom. Completely understand your dislike of packaging.

swedishmum Sun 14-Sep-08 23:23:30

I have my shampoo/conditioner in mismatched glass bottles as I couldn't find anything I liked. Chrome looked a bit too contrived. Now need a company to make Lakeland's shower spray in a fab bottle...

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