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OK, thoughts please. Spare bedroom/dresing room and our bedroom. Need cupboards, wall paint, new carpets etc. Basically everything bar the BED

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Crunchie Thu 11-Sep-08 14:12:05

We are having a bathroom done which has meant losing a bit of our spare bedroom, so we now have a small room - single sized, for a spare/dressing room. We also have our bedroom next to it so I thought painting them teh same colour and having new carpets and new wardrobes would be good.

We will keep our dark wood gothic bed here But we are changing everyting else.

We need a corner wardrobeto fit all our stuff (not a diagonal corner one, jut into the corner) and to use all storage (basically we need 2 x double wardrobes!! We are also having loads of 'billy bookcases' from Ikea in teh spare room as we have hundreds of books.

So there will be a lot of stuff in that small room. We like white tie which looks to be a warm, slightly pinky white. But what Carpets? Would a old faded stoney/brick colour be OK? Not terracotta, but the colour of very faded brick, or fabric plasters IYKWIM

Also Wardbordes? Where to go? Are MFI any good? never used them before

Crunchie Thu 11-Sep-08 20:14:37

bump please anyone??

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