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Long shot, does anyone know anything about which way the valves should be on a towel radiator?

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OneLieIn Sun 07-Sep-08 16:16:39

I cannot get it to work and i am sure it is just the valves. I want toavoid the plumber, lovely bloke, but after coming round last time said 'might want to switch it on' and all he did was fiddle with the valves.

Anyway, there are two on the bottom, should they be on clockwise / anti-clockwise or a combination? Any help gratefully received to save my embarrassment.

WendyWeber Sun 07-Sep-08 16:23:33

Turn them both clockwise IIRC.

Why would they be turned off though? Are your other radiators hot & this one not? It might have an airlock & need bleeding?

OneLieIn Sun 07-Sep-08 16:24:56

I have bled it and it is only this one not working. I thought it might be the valves. I will go and check.

palaver Sun 07-Sep-08 16:25:10

mine is anti-clockwise for on, as are my radiators

OneLieIn Sun 07-Sep-08 16:25:52

OK, will try that too....

palaver Sun 07-Sep-08 16:27:50

doesn't it have any markings on it to indicate which way is on?

OneLieIn Sun 07-Sep-08 16:54:17

No markings. The Left hand side one only has a half turn in it at most, the right hadn side has about 3 turns in it. i think the right hand side is the entrance valve and the left is the exit, so am trying different combos.

WendyWeber Sun 07-Sep-08 17:05:36

My towel radiator valves don't have caps on, only the spindle things, so I can't check them out easily - the other radiators have thermostatic valves on one end so they don't help either...good luck anyway smile

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