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need to put a TV in au pair room room but noTV point

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MizZan Thu 04-Sep-08 21:49:06

does anyone know how much it is to get a new TV point installed and how much something like this costs? or is there some whizzy way to get her TV over the Internet or wireless or something? Moving into new (rented) house and need to get this sorted for minimum amount of money...any suggestions appreciated!

BecauseImWorthIt Thu 04-Sep-08 21:49:42

If you buy a digital TV you won't need an aerial

BecauseImWorthIt Thu 04-Sep-08 21:50:03

But you will need an aerial if you want to receive Freeview

BecauseImWorthIt Thu 04-Sep-08 21:50:48

So it will need to be cable access TV for you

(sorry for the multiple posts, just kept thinking of extra things - I am not an expert!)

popmum Thu 04-Sep-08 22:00:58

you could try one of these from maplin]] - an indoor ariel - they do say you need to be in a strong digital TV area to get a (good) signal so not guaranteed. I've just got one to try (not tried yet)

popmum Thu 04-Sep-08 22:01:27

doh from maplin

Millarkie Sun 07-Sep-08 13:03:05

Our ap's tv is actually a computer which runs tv software, but it still needed an aerial input. Dh ended up routing a new cable across the house and into her room (I guess not possible on a rented house as he had to drill a hole through from the outside of the house into the room).

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