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Thinking of selling - is it worth doing any work?

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Honeymum Mon 01-Sep-08 22:10:03

We are thinking of selling...but before we do we thought we might tart up the old place:

1. knock out wall between kitchen and dining room (kitchen v poky for size of house could be major problem for buyer)
2. New worktop in kitchen/new cupboard doors/adding a larder cupboard and maybe a breakfast bar
3. Possibly thinking new (IKEA) kitchen might be a worthwhile spend/make it easier than trying to add to existing (9 year old) kitchn
4. Roof insulation in attic bedroom (which may mean re-tiling roof - not sure yet)
5. Spot of redecorating (hall stairs and landing).

Am I mad? Would it be better just to stick it up for sale? Any thoughts?

blithedance Mon 01-Sep-08 22:25:58

Can you get estate agents' opinion? Generally it's suggested that you don't spend a fortune as buyers will probably want to do the work again but differently. Definitely don't knock out wall or put in whole new kitchen unless the old one is really revolting.

How about you tart up the kitchen cheaply but as cleverly as possible, doors and handles can be got very cheaply. Try to make it look spacious, maybe adding more cupboards wouldn't help, but you know, white doors, wood-effect worktop. If you are putting in a new worktop, you might as well move a few cupboards around.

Roof insulation/retiling - would this show up on surveys, probably worth doing if it might be a showstopper for buyers. Why re-tile though?

Redecorating/decluttering always worth it though.

noddyholder Mon 01-Sep-08 23:01:06

Don't bother just factor those costs in to what you can afford to accept

lalalonglegs Tue 02-Sep-08 11:40:51

Sell it "in need of updating" to a fool like me who loves that sort of thing. grin

Honeymum Wed 03-Sep-08 19:22:36

Hi again
I need to speak to the builder, blithedance. I think he said that to retile would make the insulating so much easier (and the roof is v old anyways). It could be a showstopper (and we need to insulate so that DD1 can move to attic bedroom). I will hopefully be able to tart up kitchen without too much cost. Will keep you all posted - ta.

KatieDD Sat 06-Sep-08 20:52:09

We had the agents around yesterday just to pick their brains really, their opinion was that it's best to have something for the buyers to do when they move in, to put their stamp on a place but people expect new kitchens and bathrooms now.
We're not moving yet because the estate agents recommended 30% less than we paid 18 months ago, which is fine but nobody else seems to be taking that sort of drop yet so we'll wait for the rest of the area to cotton on.

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