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Kitchen tile dilemma

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northender Thu 28-Aug-08 20:33:22

We are now near the end of what seems like a very long building project. I have, however, what I hope will be my last major dilemma relating to the new kitchen and I could do with some advice. It will be a galley style kitchen with sink and hob on opposite sides. I don't really want to tile all round (dh does) but have found some lovely (for lovely read pricey) glass splashbacks. I would do vinyl emulsion all over and just have the 2 splashbacks.

Opinions please.

RambleOn Thu 28-Aug-08 23:16:47

Make sure you get some e cloths in at the same time. Those glass splashbacks show up every bit of muck. smile

Booootiful though.

lalalonglegs Fri 29-Aug-08 11:04:33

Agree with rambleon about dirt aspect - you do have to be an obsessional very keen cleaner - although price may not be that much different once you take into account larger quantity of tiles needed and paying someone (presumably) to put them up.

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