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Oven/Hob v Freestanding duel fuel stove

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PaddlePig Mon 25-Aug-08 18:06:14

Okay, my flat is up for sale but when if it doesn't sell I will probably rent it out and move into rented myself.

My kitchen is okay cosmetically altho a bit jaded on closer inspection.

My electric oven and gas hob are up the spout and need replacing. The sink unit door also needs replacing.

My plan was to buy a new sink unit carcass and fit with old doors thus not having a unit that doesn't match the other units.

I am debating whether to take out the existing hob/oven unit, thus cutting the worktop, and put in a freestanding duel fuel stove.

I'm a bit intimidated by that tho as lord knows what I might find when it comes out LOL.

The other alternative is just replace like for like and not spend a fortune, especially as I might be renting the property out and not living here myself.

Any views? Also, any pointers on bargain appliances and people who can fit said appliances!


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