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Shower with slanting ceiling?

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notcitrus Sat 23-Aug-08 23:23:56

We're currently having our loft converted into two bedrooms and a bathroom. For technical reasons the bathroom window (in the end wall of our semi) has had to be put further along the wall, which will look better as it's stained glass and can be seen from the bathroom doorway, but that's where the shower cubicle was going to go.

So now the loo will go under the window, and the shower has to be moved. I want a large shower - the builder says 120cm square should be fine, but with the slope, half the shower will have a 6'6" height, but it will go down to about 5'6" at one side.

Shower cubicles/screens can't have corners cut out, apparently. Builders recommendation is to build walls with glass bricks plus a door, but glass brick websites say they aren't suitable for cutting either.

Suggestions? Advice?

nancy75 Sat 23-Aug-08 23:29:26

can you have it like a wet room where you dont have a shower door or tray?

Anteater Sat 23-Aug-08 23:32:10

Why not put the shower where you want it but use sand blasted toughened glass for the back wall? We have done this on an awkward shower room, worked really well.

notcitrus Sun 24-Aug-08 00:37:48

Don't want a wet room - towels and loo roll get wet for starters, and you get too cold while in the shower.

I don't think the back and far side walls of the shower are a problem as they can just be tiled - it's just front and the side next to the loo, particularly the front as that will be the one with the missing corner.

Why glass that's tough enough to be a shower screen isn't tough enough to be cut is beyond me...

SaintGeorge Sun 24-Aug-08 00:52:52

Made to measure

notcitrus Sun 24-Aug-08 02:38:52

saintgeorge - oh wow! Bathroom porn! I want at least four of those now! Hideously over-engineered website that I almost gave up getting to load, but...

Haven't found the pricing section yet. I suspect it may mean going beyond the budget the builder was willing to go for.

Time for a wee chat with MrNC. But a shower that one could have the kids in as well at the same time would be worth the expense, don't you think? wink

Califrau Sun 24-Aug-08 06:21:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kitsmummy Sun 24-Aug-08 10:55:51

glass bricks...bluuuurgh, my pet hate, ignore your builder

Anna8888 Sun 24-Aug-08 10:58:04

In the current Lapeyre catalogue here in France there is a shower door with a "cut out corner". Lapeyre is a very standard/cheap sort of bathrooms fittings company - I don't know whether they are in the UK - and if this sort of thing exists in France I can't imagine it doesn't exist in England.

Anna8888 Sun 24-Aug-08 11:01:20

I'm just looking at the Lapeyre catalogue and they say that the glass shower screens and doors can be cut any way you like.

notcitrus Sun 24-Aug-08 22:00:39

Cali - it may be possible to have the cubicle side on and have a full-height door, but I suspect it would just look a bit cramped having to edge round the loo to get into the shower. Will have to measure precisely.

I will note the Velux mirror effect though! I've already had to break it to MrNC that if it's dark and lights are on downstairs, anyone on the street can see him naked in the kitchen getting some late-night cereal... fortunately not many people go down our road late, and if the teenagers next door have noticed they're all carefully not mentioning it!

Have to admit I don't like most glass bricks, and they aren't cheap either. Time for the Parham Bros and Lapeyre catalogues...

lalalonglegs Tue 26-Aug-08 16:30:00

Try local glass shop to see iof they can manufacture screen.

tissy Tue 26-Aug-08 16:37:16

not true about wet rooms being cold, or the loo roll and towel getting wet. Mine is just fine, thank you!

We also have remote conrolled Velux windows, but luckily the shower room backs onto the back garden, where we don't often have visitors at 5.30 am, and anyway, I open the window after I'm out of the shower, and set it to close 30 mins later- it dries out the room better than the extractor fan.

notcitrus Tue 26-Aug-08 16:53:22

I'll take your word for it tissy - but how do you prevent the loo roll and towels getting soggy from steam if the steam can get all over the room?

I admit I'm a complete wuss, but I hate the length of time it takes for the hot water to heat the cubicle so I don't mind stripping off and getting in during winter - if I had to run the hot water until the whole room was warm, it would be rather wasteful. Although the whole room will be insulated better than the current house, so should be less of a problem.

Remote-controlled windows sound great but sadly definitely beyond current budget. Builders are currently faffing again so may have a while before I need to make any choices.

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