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Calling squiffy, seeker and any others who live/lived in or near Faversham....

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TheOldestCat Tue 19-Aug-08 21:04:09

...tell me all about it, Kentish maids (or maids of Kent).

You (and turquoise, gastronaught and Fio) kindly passed on some knowledge (thanks!) on the thread about the kentish coast being common.

Luckily, I am very tell me where's nice to live round there. grin

We need to be within walking distance of a station as DH has to get to London Bridge for 6:30ish in the morning and I work in Canary Wharf.

Thanks in advance.

FioFio Wed 20-Aug-08 08:33:08

Message withdrawn

TheOldestCat Wed 20-Aug-08 10:00:25

Thanks, Fio.

'Fine but mixed' sounds great, to be honest. We are in central Lewisham, south London, which I love in many ways. But we are getting fed up with a lot of things about urban living and can't afford more than a small flat with no garden round here. DD loves the garden at nursery and we'd love more than one bedroom!

We've family in Kent and have been to Faversham loads and really like it. But it's no substitute for hearing from people who know the area.

squiffy Wed 20-Aug-08 10:52:27

Faversham itself is just adorable in the daytime but on Friday/Saturday nights it gets a bit feral. Just like any town these days I guess. I have friends who live in the town itself (you can get really lovely houses at very reasonable prices) and they say it is fine but they do get woken up every now and then by drunken singing and suchlike. I would definately advise that you go walk round about 10pm on a Saturday night. It's not London of course, but it is odd, if all you've ever seen is the quaint old market place of a daytime. Canterbury, surprisingly is nowhere near as strange in this way even though it is stuffed to the gills with students.

In Faversham you want to buy either in Abbey Street or the Mall, or in the small streets near the brewerey (warning, can smell strange at times near brewery) or out on the A2 which is still fine to get to the station. Be careful of the new builds in the town - none of them are selling (at all). The 'Brents' is very popular with young families, has lots of homes that are a step up from starter homes, very attractive in design, and not too expensive.

If you had a car I would suggest Boughton, Hernhill, Sheldwich. All fabulous places, but no train links.

If you need to walk to a station but live in a village then choices are more limited. Teynham is possible but not a village I would personally want to live in - doesn't seem to have a villagey character.

Selling is a very popular place - it is one stop from Faversham and then you have to change trains (it is only about 5 minutes from Faversham) There is a big selection of housing from manor house to choc-box-cottage to ex-local authority. The school there has a very good reputation (as does Hernhill) and some of my friends saved loads by taking their boy out of private to go here, and he has thrived. Not sure if Selling has a soul though - it is spread over a wide area.

Slightly further along the line is Whitstable of course which is fab (but I guess you know that), BUT you get less for your money house-wise because it has turned a bit 'Islington-by-the-sea'

Chestfield is very boring but has good bus/train links and is very safe (in a Margo & Jerry kind of way). Your kids will hate you for living there but they'll certainly not be shooting up smack in the playing fields whilst hating you.

Canterbury is nice but you will struggle to find something you like within a reasonable walk of Canterbury East

Check out the new fast train route that is coming on-line next November - I think it might go through Wye and Chilham which then opens up some nice opportunities further afield, but still within an hour of Stratford station.

I love living round here - DP often drives up to the wharf, and I am usually on the 6.36 to London Bridge.

TheOldestCat Wed 20-Aug-08 11:00:38

Squiffy - thanks SO much, that is all very useful. And I appreciate such a comprehensive response!

Ah, evening noise. We're no stranger to that here as we live near a high road, with a bar on the corner. So thanks for the tip - I think we should stay the night somewhere near favvers one weekend and have a wander around.

We're restricted to walking distance from a station with links to London Bridge as DH doesn't drive and being on the early shift needs to be as close as possible.

Thanks again - got to get back to my work now (boo) but will certainly be re-reading this tonight.

(particularly like your description of Chestfield!)

squiffy Wed 20-Aug-08 11:03:49

Well, if you are going to stay overnight in Faversham, you can do a lot worse than booking in here - my favourite restaurant, michelin-starred, with bedrooms to die for.

FioFio Wed 20-Aug-08 11:47:57

Message withdrawn

turquoise Wed 20-Aug-08 12:13:23

I can certainly vouch for the Canterbury yobs - - the students, kids, druggies, homeless - it's not pleasant. Much like any other city centre I presume.

Abbey Street in Fav is very pretty, but I think some of the Victorian terraces (Newton Road, Stone Street etc) are very good value - and there are some lovely older pockets going up towards Stonebridge and Davington.

Luddenham is another village with an Excellent school. Boughton is a bit of a sprawl (pains me to say it as I am a native) with a yob problem around the pretty houses on the main street.

Sheldwich isn't a village really, so much as an area - no focal point.

How about Harbledown? Walking distance to Canterbury East, but a very pretty village.

If you are looking further afield when the high speed link comes in, Wye is a lovely small town, although I haven't been there since the college was sold and I believe the heart has gone out of it.

turquoise Wed 20-Aug-08 12:15:24

I mean Canterbury West walking distance from Harbledown.

Flightlite Wed 20-Aug-08 12:20:28

Ooh we live within 10 mins walk of C/bury east - there are loads of lovely houses up towards the Dover Rd.

Very posh


TheOldestCat Wed 20-Aug-08 12:29:34

Thanks all! This is really helpful stuff.

I'm not 60 or remotely Jerry & Margo-like, so Chestfield might be out of the running. Still, right now boring would be great - having youths congregate and sometimes fight under your flat, being regaled by loud brazilian jazz at one in the morning from the local bar and dodging the hell dogs people keep round here without leads isn't dull, but it is getting annoying. grin

Cheers again all!

TheOldestCat Wed 20-Aug-08 12:33:11

And, squiffy, that hotel looks fantastic.

squiffy Wed 20-Aug-08 13:51:05

Oh yes, if you can stretch to Old Dover Road - the houses there are lovely.

Flightlite Wed 20-Aug-08 13:54:28

We are off there Squiffs - our flat is very run down and we're currently decorating like mad, so was v cheap! We have leafy neighbours though grin

Mainly consultants I think

with swimming pools

padboz Thu 21-Aug-08 12:46:11

oooh hello - locals! anyone feel like resurrecting the meetup thread?

ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands Thu 21-Aug-08 12:47:15

Hello!!! I'm a Fav Chav grin

TheOldestCat Thu 21-Aug-08 23:16:55

<waves at Shiny and padboz>

I am in a different 'sham altogether (beeyootiful Lewisham), but maybe will join you one day in the garden of England!

squiffy Fri 22-Aug-08 09:46:30

Am v keen to meet up. I upset some MNers a while ago by arranging a Faversham overnight meet-up for some London MNers (without extending invite to those already here - I never knew there were so many of us). So I definately need to make amends by buying the first bottle or 2....

OldestCat - you will not escape - I will be boring you with Faversham stuff when we catch up in the city. Let me know your price range and I'll bring you some house details if you want...

By the way, does your DH have to start work at 06.30, or get a train then? The first train in to the city gets to London Bridge around 06.30 so it would be an extra 10 mins or so to get to the Wharf. I expect that the fast trains next year might offer earlier trains but then you should think about getting the trains on that route because the Faversham bit is an offshoot of the fast train route (the fast route I think will have key stops at Canterbury - not sure if west or east - Folkestone, Ashford)...

turquoise Fri 22-Aug-08 13:16:15

Squiffy - we were winding you up grin.

(But mine's a large dry white, cheers!)

squiffy Fri 22-Aug-08 17:06:53

blush I was sooooo embarassed at the time blush. I even stopped wearing lentil weave for a while, in case one of you saw me in Tesco's and 'outed' me wink

TheOldestCat Sat 23-Aug-08 09:00:28

Squiffy - thanks, please 'bore' away! I look forward to meeting you.

Yes, DH does have to get to London Bridge at 6:30 (he works near there, while I'm in the wharf), as he's permanently on the early shift.

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